MID Approved Power Metering

Changes in EU legislation regarding energy billing meters, means that from October 2016 any new billing power metering system must be MID approved. Until now if you are a residential, commercial, industrial landlord or property manager having a UK National approved meter was sufficient. If these are currently still installed and measuring accurately they can be continued to be used, but with the use of unapproved meters breaching the Electricity Act 1989, making it a criminal offence, fines of £1,000 per meter could lead to offenders facing substantial fines. With this in mind landlords, estate managers and property developers should check that they have legally acceptable meters installed as not only could they face prosecution for having unapproved meters installed, but tenants are within their rights to refuse payment of energy bills based on readings from non-approved meters.

There are many sectors where sub-billing applications are commonly encountered and include: Multi-use commercial buildings, industrial estates, sub-let retail units, residential flats, marinas, caravan parks, sporting facilities and data centre hosting facilities.

To combat this change in legislation EDP Europe Limited is delighted to announce the launch of its MID approved power metering system that enables data centre hosting companies, and other business sectors, to find a commercial edge over their competitors. Not only does the MID approved power metering system comply with the latest EU legislation, but also provides customers with ‘Pay per Hour’ power monitoring, and real-time billing of the actual electricity used making it an ideal solution for multi-occupancy sites. ‘Pay per Hour’ power metering enables businesses to obtain a clear advantage over their competitors with precise billing delivering additional benefits in availability, flexibility, scalability and enabling the identification of power saving opportunities for clients and thus savings on overall running costs and maximum profits all round.

MID Approved Power Metering enables Pay Per Hour Power Monitoring

EDP Europe’s MID approved power metering system is offered as a single or dual supplied 1U rack mounted metering unit that connects inline between the supply and existing PDUs, or can be incorporated into one of its custom built PDUs. Each feed captures the usage data from the MID meter and is networked back to a central data collection point. Dual point monitoring enables the captured data to be made available to both in-house DCIM systems and also sent to a cloud based monitoring and reporting platform, which can be accessed via both hosts and their clients. This enables clients to login and see their hour by hour power usage and choose how to manage their own consumption and minimise costs.

Speaking of this latest addition Colin Parker, EDP Europe’s Marketing Manager said “With power usage being one of the major costs of data centre hosting, having a MID approved metering system that provides the flexibility and scalability offered by Pay per Hour Power, will enable all our hosting clients to offer a more competitive energy solution and ensure they meet current legislation”.

Find out more or to discuss any requirements please contact EDP’s sales team.

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