How using EDP Europe’s custom Data Centre Solutions helps reduce leadtimes.

If you are looking to for reduced leadtimes on custom Data Centre solutions EDP Europe can help you. Using UK manufacturing capacity EDP Europe can supply standard and bespoke products, QUICKLY.

Using local suppliers has many advantages to you. With UK manufacturing capacity and a network of local technology partners, EDP Europe offers you quality, speed, and flexibility in your supply chain.

Quality: We know sometimes you can’t find the solution that you need, or worse still, you don’t get what you asked for. Once you have waited for delivery and materials are on site, it can be too late to start again. Working with local engineering, design and manufacturing resources allows us to work through designs and provide samples for you so that you receive the product that matches your specific requirements.

Speed: EDP Europe know that sometimes a boat from a far-off land, disruptions in global politics, and unfortunately, global emergencies, can affect supply of goods required to support the delivery of your mission critical services. EDP Europe can deliver physical infrastructure solutions within a matter of days. 90% are delivered within three weeks. That is up to 9 weeks quicker than some of our competitors.

Flexibility: Using local suppliers allows us to give you access to local engineers and designers, allowing you to discuss the colour / shape / configuration you need. This has saved our customers installation time and resources many times. We focus on meeting or exceeding your specification, not a predefined manufacturer’s standard. No problem if you need to include national power sockets (UK 3pin, Schuko if needed) on PDU’s. Exact, non-standard dimensions on server cabinets to work best with your environment are not an issue for us.  EDP Europe give the confidence that problems can be solved by having bespoke solutions at hand without cost / lead time issues / minimum order penalties.

If you have a requirement for quality, fairly priced, locally engineered physical infrastructure solutions, available on sensible lead times, then EDP Europe is the partner for you.

To find out more about our custom Data Centre solutions and how our bespoke design service could be of benefit to you or your clients contact us today.

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