Metered Automatic Transfer Switch

Metered Automatic Transfer Switch

Please Note: This product is no longer available. Please contact us for an alternative solution.

SurePower Transfer Switch

Metered Automatic Transfer Switch

Running mission critical devices such as VOIP, routers and network hubs from a single power source, within a dual fed rack can potentially affect your business continuity.  Protect these vulnerable devices with the SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch.

Product Description

SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch

The SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch provides a robust and cost effective solution to protecting equipment from power failure,by connecting it to two independent power feeds. These A and B power supply feeds provide resilient power for up to 8 connected devices. The transfer switch is designed to supply power to the connected devices from a primary AC power source. If that primary power source becomes unavailable for whatever reason the Metered Automatic Transfer Switch automatically switches to the secondary source. The transfer time to switch from one source to the other is less than 25ms, providing seamless power supply to the connected equipment, and therefore reducing the risk and maintaining business continuity.

SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch (MATS) Stacked Front and Back

SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch (MATS) Graphic

The SurePower Metered Automatic Transfer Switch is available in either rack mountable or desk top units with various models available for different power connections.

Features & Benefits

  • International approvals.
  • Protection from single points of failure.
  • Single and 2-phase options.
  • Current monitoring display showing current draw.
  • LEDs indicate whether supply A / B is being used.
  • 230V or 110V options.
  • Push to reset thermal circuit breaker.
  • The Metered Automatic Transfer Switch has an Anti-Bounce function that monitors the primary supply for stability, and only switches back to the primary source once it is stable.
  • Custom units available upon request.
  • Manufactured in the UK for excellent lead times and flexibility.

AC Input Options

  • 2 x IEC-C20 16Amp Male.
  • 2 x Hard wired flying leads.

AC Output Options

Various back plate options are available that provides:

  • 2/4/6/8 x IEC-C13 Female (1U) (10Amps max. per output).
  • 4 x UK sockets (2U) (10Amps max. per output).
  • 4 x Schuko sockets (2U) (10Amps max. per output).
  • 1/2/4 x IEC-C19 Female connectors (1U).
  • 1 x Hard wired flying lead.

Total max. current output rating for all combined connected devices – 16Amps.  Input and Output power cord options available on request.

Physical Data

Rack Mount
Size:Standard 19″ rack mountable 1U high x 235mm deep.
Size:1U high x 240mm wide x 195mm deep.
Custom unit dimensions may vary.



SurePower MATS Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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