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iPower REM is a 1st Generation entry level energy monitor that provides local and remote overall / strip level monitor with better than 1% accuracy.

iPower REM Intelligent PDU

Entry Level Remote Energy Monitor

iPower REM is part of the iPower family of intelligent power solutions for managing power in Data Centres and Enterprise IT Environments.

A single phase unit that is manufactured to handle loads up to 32 Amps. It can be built as an inline unit or as a multi socket power strip, incorporating any type of socket and mains lead termination. All units have a local display that provides information of energy usage or can be remotely monitored through the network port via the internal web browser or over SNMP and Telnet.

Overall Energy Measurements with an accuracy of better than 1% include:

  • RMS Volts
  • RMS Amps
  • Kilowatts
  • Frequency
  • Power Factor
  • Internal PDU Temperature
  • Peak Volts
  • Peak Amps
  • kVA
  • kWh

Simple step by step instructions on the inbuilt HTML pages guide you through the setup process and explains how to setup traps and alerts for critical parameters. Consolidate all your iPower readings utilising the PDU Agent management software. An entry level management platform that features easy to use dashboard layouts lets you log measurements and events from multiple iPower products for historical evaluation and to collate and produce accurate billing information.

Features & Benefits


  • Single Phase only
  • Overall Energy Measurement up to 32A
  • Accuracy of better than 1%
  • Set Alerts for all critical metrics
  • Send Alerts via Email or SNMP Traps
  • Easily configured and setup in minutes
  • Simple migration to full DCiM using MiB File.
  • Ethernet Port, Full 10/100Base-T Network Compatibility (HTTP, HTML, SNMPv2, Telnet, SMTP)
  • Local Display (4 Digit OLED Display)


  • iPower REM is part of the iPower™ family, and can be monitored via the HTML Interface, or our Free of Charge PDU Agent Software, or integrated into third party software using our MiB File.
  • iPower REM provides a thorough analysis of real time power usage across all connected devices.
  • iPower REM has an easy-to-use HTML interface with the ability to set SNMP and Email alerts for all critical parameters.
  • iPower REM is configurable to suit individual requirements. It can be a PDU or an inline device, that will provide remote monitoring for legacy systems.
  • iPower REM will work in conjunction with other iPower products, to create a fully flexible monitoring system allowing products with different functionality to work together.

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Horizontal iPower REM PDUs
Part NumberDescription
EDP-IPR-524-3x1U Horizontal iPower REM PDU with 12 x C13 outlets, Replace x with Plug Type code
EDP-IP4-0018-3x1.5U Horizontal iPower REM PDU with 6 x UK outlets, Replace x with Plug Type code
Vertical iPower REM PDUs
Part NumberDescription
EDP-IPR-551-z-y-N3xEDP 551 Vertical UK outlet iPower REM PDU (see configurator to replace z and y, replace x with Plug Type code)
EDP-IPR-0041B-3xVertical iPower REM PDU with 10 x C13 outlets, Replace x with Plug Type code
EDP-IPR-527B-3xVertical iPower REM PDU with 20 x C13 and 4 x C19 outlets, Replace x with Plug Type code
EDP-IPR-0072B-3xVertical iPower REM PDU with 16 x C13 outlets, Replace x with Plug Type code


Part Number Options

Plug Types
B16A Commando
C32A Commando with 2 x 16A Trips


551 Range Configurator
Replace z (Cable Feed)
BRBottom Entry, Right hand cable drop
BLBottom Entry, Left hand cable drop
TRTop Entry, Right hand cable drop
TLTop Entry, Left hand cable drop
Replace y (Outlet Qty)
Number (eg 12)Number of UK outlets

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads