RackANGEL – EDP Europe’s Ultimate Security Solution For IT Cabinets

RackANGEL MicrositeEDP Europe is pleased to announce the launch of our RackANGEL microsite – www.rackangel.com.

The new RackANGEL microsite helps visitors learn more about the core components of the RackANGEL solution, and the benefits it provides to the security of IT systems and assets. In a world that is moving more and more towards Cloud based applications and data storage, protecting the physical security of servers and other essential IT equipment housed within the rack should be of major concern to IT, IS and Facility Managers, particularly with ever tightening regulatory controls and compliance requirements.

RackANGEL proactively protects the IT rack environment, firstly through its rack access control system that can be utilised in new rack deployments or retrofitted to most IT cabinets and provides real-time auditing, tracking, reporting and alerting. Secondly, through the use of its biometric access cards that provide dual level authentication without the expense of replacing existing readers or the need to store or manage biometric data. Thirdly, in-rack CCTV surveillance cameras provide real-time or historical footage of both authorised and unauthorised events.

Visit www.rackangel.com today to find out more, or if you have a requirement contact EDP Europe by calling 01376 510337 or email [email protected].

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