Utilising EDP Services Reduces Workload

How utilising EDP Europe’s configuration and installation services helps reduce your on-site workload, reduces waste and speeds up Data Centre and other IT project deployments.

At EDP Europe we like to make it easier for our customers to deliver their core business by reducing their workload and enabling them to focus on other priority tasks or projects.

On-site Plug and play

By utilising EDP Europe’s configuration and installation services you can remove the headache associated with building racks, configuring systems (some of which maybe new technology), aggregating parts, and managing on-site waste. EDP Europe provides solutions that enable you to accelerate deployment times by delivering site ready physical layer solutions that are ‘plug and play’.

Off Site Configuration Services

EDP Europe’s Configuration Services offer our clients the option to utilise our off-site storage facilities for rack staging, equipment installation and pre-configuration prior to delivery to site.

Using EDP Europe’s configuration service enables systems to be pre-built, tested, labelled and staged ready for call-off for delivery to site. Our customers achieve efficiencies and improved reliability through reduced deployment times, repeatable system builds, test and DOA, asset tagging, simplified logistics and reduced on-site waste. Using EDP Europe’s years of logistical experience means that your pre-configured IT racks or sub-systems are delivered to site fully ready to be deployed and commissioned quickly and efficiently.

Installation Support Services

Our installation support services assist our clients in the on-site deployment of the products and solutions we provide. Due to the array of technologies and solutions EDP Europe brings to market, and their varying levels of complexity, EDP Europe can take care of the process of installing and configuring them so that they arrive on-site ready to be used.

By supporting you by pre-installing your equipment off-site, your order will be pre-configured so it’s ready to go as soon as it reaches you. For example, we can supply you with a single part code that represents a configured design. This scope of supply could be a server rack, pre-installed with cable management, power distribution, and electronic rack access control. We can also install your IT equipment in to the rack, securely crate your aggregated systems and provide last mile white glove delivery to you or your client’s sites. This reduces the burden on customers’ engineering resources associated with non-productive tasks, streamlines their supply chain, and allows their highly skilled resources to focus on more complex business critical aspects of IT infrastructure deployment.

EDP Europe’s off-site build services also help customers to reduce on-site waste as we take responsibility for disposing and recycling all packaging materials. On a recent project we recycled a metric tonne of waste packaging – imagine what that looks like!

If you have an opportunity where installation and configuration services could be beneficial to your project then EDP Europe are here to assist you.

Please contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide and how we can help.

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