How improving Airflow Management & Cooling Optimisation can have a Big impact on Data Centre Efficiency

EDP Europe, in partnership with Upsite Technologies, recently presented two webinars on how quick to implement changes to the Data Centre, can have a big impact on improving airflow management and cooling optimisation.

The presentation was conducted by Lars Strong P.E. a thought leader and recognised expert on Data Centre optimisation, and currently the Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer of Upsite Technologies, and also a certified U.S. Department of Energy Data Centre Energy Practitioner (DCEP) HVAC Specialist.

The webinar, which can still be viewed, covered five key areas:

1. The Significance of Airflow Management
In this section Lars explains what airflow management is, how airflow management directly relates to PUE, how the Data Centre should be laid out and explains what Bypass Airflow is and other issues that result in poor airflow management.

2. The 4 R’s of Airflow Management ™
The 4 R’s of Airflow Management™, developed by Upsite Technologies, is a holistic methodology for identifying and implementing changes to optimise the Data Centre’s cooling infrastructure and realise energy savings. The 4 R’s are: The Raised Floor, the Rack, the Row, and the Room. In this section Lars explains how making changes to the first 3 R’s enables changes to be made a Room level that help improve efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Airflow Management Solutions
In this section we look at the products that can be implemented to the first 3 R’s (raised floor grommets, blanking panels and modular aisle containment), the benefits and features, along with financial impact studies of the savings that can be made.

4. The Importance of Cooling Optimisation
What is Cooling Optimisation? Why is Cooling Optimisation important? Lars explains how the process of making adjustments to the cooling system controls improves energy efficiency and results in reduced operating costs, improved cooling capacity, improved IT equipment reliability, and defers capital expenditure.

5. Cooling Optimisation Solutions
In the final section Lars explores the services offered that enable the identification of improvements that can be made to airflow management and how applying the science of cooling optimisation best practices can identify opportunities to improve environmental conditions and reduce energy consumption.

The webinars were recorded so if you would like to learn more about how improving airflow management & cooling optimisation can benefit your Data Centre or Enterprise IT environment please request the link here.

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