Reduce Server Noise in Offices with EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinets

Looking to reduce server noise in environments such as offices? Then the latest EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinets provide the ideal solution.

As digital transformation continues to gather pace with more and more content and services needing to be delivered closer to the consumer the move towards Edge Computing continues to accelerate. For companies without a dedicated space that can be turned into an in-house Data Centre or Computer Room the latest line of Micro Data Centre server racks provides the ideal solution. One such solution in the EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinet.

Why is it important to reduce server noise?

Like some other environmental factors persistent noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on employees. Noise from servers and other IT equipment can be generated via various sources. As IT equipment processes information heat is generated. To remove this heat from the server, it utilises internal fans both to cool the processors and to remove heat build-up from the equipment. This heat is discharged into the surrounding space and can also contribute to discomfort in the working environment. Spinning platters of hard drives generate noise either through the high speed at which they spin or via vibration. Likewise optical disc drives, such as DVDs or CD-ROMs, also generated noise when they are in use. Then there can be the noise generated through vibration caused through badly fitting server casings.

For companies wanting to locate their servers and other IT equipment in what has been traditionally been open office space mitigating noise pollution and removing heat build-up should be a major consideration in order to meet regulatory compliance and protect the well being of staff.

The Solution

The EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinet provides the ideal solution to the issues described above. Firstly, its sound attenuation will reduce equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) which is technical speak to say it reduces it to a whisper. Secondly, the EDGE 3 has a thermal load capacity of 11.5kW and utilises internal fans to remove heat build-up. With the addition of the optional ducting kit this hot exhaust air can be ducted outside or to another area rather than coming out of vents in the back door. This allows this hot air to be put to good use and used to heat other spaces.

The EDGE 3 is also IP44 rated as standard. This protects it from dust ingress with the option to upgrade this rating to IP54. A built-in management system with up to 4 temperature and humidity sensors, also controls the EC fans insuring optimal performance. With a host of other options including intelligent power and advanced security options, the EDGE 3 is a soundproof cabinet that solves the problem of placing a Micro Data Centre within an office environment.

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