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The EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet is the replacement for the UCoustic 9210i acoustic server rack. EDGE 3 is part of the Micro Data Centre range of racks and offers exceptional noise reduction and air-cooled thermal performance. The EDGE 3 provides a rapid deployment Micro Data Centre that takes up less than a square metre footprint. Available in three heights 12U, 24U and 42U.

Overview of the EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet

Part of the EDGE range of Micro Data Centres

The EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet is part of the EDGE range of Micro Data Centres that also includes the EDGE 5 Air-Conditioned Cabinet.

The EDGE 3 allows servers and network equipment to be deployed directly in office space and requires less than 1m² of valuable floor space. This allows for localised on-premise computing in populated or sensitive areas – especially where there may be a concern of equipment noise being a distraction or breaching ECC working noised guidelines.

The EDGE 3 will reduce equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, which is tech speak for saying that it will reduce server noise down to a whisper. The EDGE 3 is also able provide a thermal load capacity of 11.5kW.

All of this is on top of the fact that the EDGE 3 is an excellent all round 19” rack. With adjustable front and rear mounting angles and 6 cable entry ports, this rack has a dynamic load rating of 750Kgs and a static load rating of 1,500Kgs. EDGE 3 has two EC fans located in the rear doors that maintains sufficient airflow throughout the enclosure, providing the required level of thermal dissipation, while optimising the level of ‘ambient’ background noise the cabinet itself generates. To ensure maximum power and energy efficiency the cabinet is controlled with variable fan speed controls and temperature sensors.

An onboard environmental system and optional security monitoring system provides peace of mind. With real-time alarms and alerts, which can be viewed via a web-based user interface, will be emailed to authorised personnel notifying them of any issues arising with the cabinet.

An on-board LCD touch display located on the cabinet doors provides a visual status of the cabinet with it changing from blue for correctly working to amber for alerts and red for alarms. Touching the display will provide environmental data relating to temperature and humidity, and in a status of alarm which sensor has triggered it.

The EDGE 3 has a range of options including security cameras, plinth panels, cable management fingers, IP54 upgrade (IP44 as standard), door dust filters, levelling feet, air ducting kit, Cisco side venting kit, sever depth extension kit and various power options.

The air ducting kit enables the heat that would normally be expelled from the rear of the cabinet to be directed into another room or to the outside. This facility enables the expelled heat to be used to heat other rooms or spaces.

7 Reasons to Buy

  1. Cost-Effective & Green – With server rooms expensive to construct and run, EDGE 3 provides an alternative solution at a fraction of the running costs and with minimal initial investment.
  2. Cool – Thanks to the EDGE 3’s innovative design it provides effective thermal dissipation of 11.5kW.
  3. Soundproof – Reduces equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise.
  4. Lockable – Supplied with standard swing handle and two point locking to keep the cabinet secure, with a host of options available to further enhance the cabinet’s security.
  5. Easy to Deploy – Just plug in and go.
  6. Expandable – Need extra capacity? Just add another EDGE 3.
  7. Portable – The EDGE 3 can be easily relocated to another room or building.

See the Downloads tab and download the brochure for more detailed information.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Cooling provided by EC fan technology that are energy saving and hot swapple.
  • On-cabinet LCD display show cabinet status and major monitoring points.
  • Secure – Swing handle with two point locking provides security with electronic upgrade available that includes the option for biometric access control.
  • Multiple cable entry ports with foam cable entry system .
  • Supplied with heavy duty castors as standard providing a dynamic load capacity of 750Kgs. Plinth corners and levelling feet available as an optional upgrading increasing the capacity to a static load of 1,500Kgs.
  • EDGE 3 is IP44 rated as standard with option to increase this to IP54.
  • Optional upgrade to door dust filters provides a dust free environment for equipment.
  • EDGE Management System (EMS) provides realtime environmental monitoring.
  • Optional cable trays and cable management fingers ensure best cable management practice for tidy cabling and patching.
  • Anti air-recirculation kit helps save energy and helps maintain airflow management best practices and hardware performance.
  • ETL listed proving product compliance to published industry standards.
  • Plinth panels available as an option to provide that finishing touch.
  • Optional EDGE air ducting kit enables the hot exhaust air to be directed outside the room or building, helping to keep the room cool, protecting the ambient temperature.
  • Optional Cisco side venting kit provides cooling support for equipment requiring side-to-side cooling such as Cisco network switches.
  • Optional extra depth server extension kit adds an additional 300mm usable depth to the EDGE 3 to accommodate deeper specialist equipment.



  • Available in three RU heights: 12U, 24U and 42U.
  • Available in versions supporting 100 to 115v or 200-240v.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) and cabinet weights:
    • 12U Rack – 720mm x 780mm x 1100mm – 140Kg / 308lbs.
    • 24U Rack – 1154mm x 780mm x 1100mm – 204Kg / 449lbs.
    • 42U Rack – 2054mm x 780mm x 1100mm – 328Kg / 723lbs.
  • Dynamic load 750Kg, static load 1,500Kg
  • Constructed from CR4 steel.
  • Available in Light Grey semi-gloss powder coat (RAL7035) with Orange trim (RAL2009) or Black (RAL(9005).
  • IP44 as standard, upgradable to IP54.
  • Noise reduction of IT noise to 28.5dBA (99%).
  • Uses fire retardant foam.

For full specifications download the brochure from the PDF Downloads tab.

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads