EDP Europe’s HD3 charging rack provides an efficient and secure way of centrally managing large volumes of business critical hand-held devices in logistics, transportation, retail and industrial environments.

Charging Racks For Handheld Devices

Understanding The Issues

How devices are charged without a charging cabinet

With the increased use of portable handheld devices within various business sectors, but especially within the logistics and warehousing markets, finding a means to charge these devices in a controlled manner is vital. Current methods are not effective because:

  • Devices are often left exposed which can lead to damage or worse theft.
  • High cost of replacing units that are damaged or stolen.
  • Each device or charging unit requires its own power socket.
  • Charging devices on shelving or table tops requires large amounts of space.
  • Charging cables require regular management to prevent tangles.

The Solution

EDP Europe’s range of HD3 Charging Racks are designed to alleviate these problems by providing a means for centralising the management, charging and security of these high-value assets.

EDP Europe's HD3 Charging Rack Range
Range of tailor-made Charging Racks

Each of EDP Europe’s HD3 Charging Rack solutions have been tailor-made to meet the requirements of our clients’ charging needs.

The bespoke design process enables the HD3 Charging Rack to work with a wide variety of handheld devices from various manufacturers including Zebra Technologies, Samsung and Apple.

Optimise the space required for charging devices

With so many different mobile devices available from so many manufacturers the bespoke design allows each HD3 Charging Cabinet to be custom-built to ensure the maximum number of devices that can be safely charged within each cabinet.  This process enables the maximisation of the space within each cabinet to deliver optimal charging performance, and enables the racks to be designed for charging a single device type or different devices within the same rack.

Charging Rack Drawers Charge Zebra TC55, TC56 and TC75 Handheld Devices
Flexible design and security
Flexibility & Security

The flexibility provided by a bespoke solution enables the HD3 Charging Rack not only to be designed for the specific portable device but also for the space into which it is to be located. Security is provided by lockable casters and lockable door handles, with security further enhanced via anchor points enabling the cabinet to be secured to the floor or wall. Door handles can be upgraded to intelligent handles that work in conjunction with a Rack Access Control solution to provide controlled access to the cabinet. Using a Rack Access Control system not only enhances security but enables trace-ability of who has accessed the cabinet. Even the Rack Access Control solution can be enhanced by the addition of biometric access and in-rack CCTV to provide the ultimate protection to these high-value assets.

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