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The HD3 Hybrid Charging Cabinet provides the ideal solution for charging different devices within the same centrally managed charging cabinet. This is particularly useful for use in the transportation sector where multiple portable devices may be used concurrently.

HD3 Hybrid Mobile Charging Cabinet

Multi-device charging cabinet for transportation sector

EDP Europe’s HD3 Hybrid Charging Cabinet has been designed as a mobile device charging cabinet for charging the multiple devices used within the transportation sector. The cabinet provides the central management, charging and security required for these high-value portable assets.

The bespoke-design of EDP Europe’s HD3 Charging Cabinets enables us to produce a solution for a wide range of devices from manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Samsung and Apple.

The HD3 Hybrid cabinet has been developed with the transportation sector in mind. Designed and built to charge the operator’s mobile phone, mobile card reader and printer in a secure cabinet that enables these assets to be securely managed and charged.

Like the original HD3 Charging Rack the Hybrid version features integrated LED lighting that aids visual monitoring through the tempered glass inset front door. A welded construction ensures durability while casters enable the cabinet to be easily manoeuvred into position. Once in position the front casters can be locked to increase stability. Pull-out shelves not only provide easy and convenient access to the devices but their perforated design aids ventilation, with four roof-mounted fans extracting hot air from within the cabinet. For increased fire protection the HD3 Charging Rack can be supplied using an enhanced anti-fire spread paint finish.

Due to the bespoke nature of EDP Europe’s HD3 Charging Cabinets range, the design can be adapted to meet your special requirements. Contact our sales department today to discuss your needs.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Fully welded construction for durability, with quick release door swing door handle and options for enhanced security.
  • Inset tempered glass window with integral LED lighting for easy viewing of charging devices.
  • Rear mounted power bar for better cable management, with PSUs consolidated and secured at the rear of the shelves.
  • Pull-out, ergonomically designed, ventilated telescopic drawers/shelves provide easy access and improved thermal management.
  • Custom colour finishes and branding available.
  • Option of enhanced anti-fire spread paint finish for increased fire protection.
  • Four rooftop mounted fans for heat removal, with integrated roof shelf.

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