IT Rack Configuration Services

Rack staging, IT equipment installation and configuration

Configuration Services To Improve On-site Efficiency

EDP Europe’s Configuration Services provide our clients with the option to utilise our off-site storage facilities for rack staging, equipment installation and pre-configuration prior to delivery to site.

By utilising EDP Europe’s facility to pre-build and stage systems ahead of time and off-site, you and your customers can achieve efficiencies and improved reliability through reduced deployment times, repeatable system builds, test and DOA, asset tagging, simplified logistics, reduced on-site waste. EDP Europe’s years of logistical experience means that your pre-configured IT racks or sub-systems are delivered to site fully ready to be deployed “Plug & Play”.

Rack Configuration Services enable equipment to be pre-installed in racks

Working with leading 19″ rack manufacturers, including Rittal and Usystems, EDP Europe can also supply 19″ racks including specialist solutions such as co-location racks, soundproof cabinets and IP rated cabinets with their own air conditioned cooling units. As well as racks EDP Europe can supply the network structured cabling, testing and management systems for both copper and fibre networks, along with options for power and environmental monitoring.

Rack Configuration Services include cable management
Configuration Services Include:
  • Off-site storage and configuration of IT racks & sub-systems.
  • Unpacking of IT equipment with packaging disposal resulting in less on-site waste.
  • Installation of equipment (‘rack and stack’) with full cable management including labelling.
  • Configuration of equipment (IP addressing, naming etc.).
  • Power up and run-time testing for increased on-site reliability.
  • Full logistical support for safe delivery of racks to site including packaging and siting of equipment racks.

With over 25 years of experience working in the Data Centre and Enterprise IT sectors, EDP Europe offers a range of services and solutions that increases the efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security of our clients’ mission critical IT environments.

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