iPower Intelligent PDUs

EDP Europe is pleased to announce the introduction of iPower Lite to its range of iPower intelligent power distribution units.

iPower Lite is a range of cost effective intelligent PDUs designed to provide entry level, local and remote power monitoring. iPower Lite intelligent PDUs are fully compatible with models within the existing iPower PDU product line, and utilise the same HTML/SNMP web browser and software applications.

iPower Lite has a slimline build and is available in horizontal or vertical mounting formats. iPower Lite has the option for a fitted and remote RGB display to provide local power usage information. Like other models within the iPower range, the iPower Lite can monitor multiple PDUs from a single IP address and provides overall monitoring for: RMS Volts, RMS Amps, Kilowatts, Internal Temperature, Frequency and Power Factor. iPower Lite also provides environmental monitoring with ports for a humidity / temperature sensor and 8 x temperature sensors.

iPower Lite intelligent PDUs are supplied with a mix of C13 and C19 outlets, but offers the option of custom special builds.

Find out more about EDP intelligent PDU by contacting our sales team.

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