Shape Memory Alloy Locks v Electromagnetic Locks

In today’s hi-tech world, ensuring data security is of utmost importance. Whilst firewalls and anti-virus software protect from online threats, what protects your physical IT assets stored in the rack itself?

Despite many facilities now incorporating building management systems with swipe card readers to track who is accessing particular rooms, many server racks remain unlocked or fitted with standard key locks, leaving them at risk to anyone with access to that room.

Improving IT rack security should be a major priority for any Data Centre Manager, particularly with planned legislation that will force companies to announce every breach of data security to the public domain.

Rack access control systems aren’t new, but the solution from TZ takes rack access control to a new level thanks to its use of intelligent Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) locks.

TZ Locks

Conventional rack access control systems tend to use electromagnetic locks, which can generate an electromagnetic field (EMF), causing concern to some Data Centre Managers.  Intelligent locks using SMA technology from TZ are completely EMF free.

Many electromagnetic locks require power to maintain their locked status. In the event of power being cut, the locks become unlocked creating a potential security risk.  Shape Memory Alloy, whilst requiring power to be accessed over IP, remains in its locked status ensuring security is not compromised in the event of power failure.

Shape Memory Alloy is also a lot cheaper than electric motors or solenoid resulting in a more price competitive locking solution.

A Shape Memory Alloy actuator is lighter and smaller than that of an electric motor or solenoid allowing for smaller devices and alternative form factors.

How Does TZ Rack Access Security Use Shape Memory Alloy?

TZ offers two rack access control systems; TZ Centurion, a stand-alone rack access control system, and TZ Praetorian that allows integration to existing Building Management Systems.  Each system utilises TZ SlideHandle™  and TZ Radial locks, both of which integrate a high load Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuated locking mechanism.

TZ SlideHandle™  is a drop-in replacement for manual swing handle cabinet locks, and fits most brands of IT cabinets. The TZ SlideHandle™  has a touch to release function, multi-colour LED displaying door status, manual key override, and door sensors.

TZ Radial is a compact, lightweight, high load locking device that uses an eight jaw locking mechanism to capture and hold an inserted mating stud.  The device can be operated via a range of triggers including internal sensor, push button, contact closure or serial communication.

Both locking devices use Shape Memory Alloy technology making them lighter and more compact.  TZ SlideHandle™ & TZ Radial™ are managed via embedded web-enabled microchips providing IP access and control via software. By using Shape Memory Alloy TZ SlideHandle™ & TZ Radial™ locking devices are less power hungry making them more energy efficient.

If you would like to know more about Shape Memory Alloy technology and how TZ rack access control systems can protect your IT assets,  Contact us today to find out more.

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