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The Enlogic EN2000 Series of advantage iPDUs is a range of intelligent Single and 3-Phase PDUs that provides input metering of the entire PDU along with remote power switching of individual outlets. This enables remote cycling of power on/off to attached equipment. The EN2000 series has advanced power and environmental monitoring options.

Advanced Intelligent PDUs

iPDUs for the Data Centre and Enterprise IT Environments

Enlogic Advantage Series iPDUs are a range of Single and 3-Phase intelligent PDUs that offer industry-leading features and designed for Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments.

  • EN1000 Series – Entry point iPDU providing Input Metering that provides overall energy metering of the entire PDU.
  • EN2000 Series – Takes the features of the EN1000 Series and adds Outlet Switching enabling the remote switching on/off of individual outlets.
  • EN5000 Series – The EN5000 Series, as well as providing Input Metering, provides Outlet Metering enabling power and energy metering at each individual outlet on the PDU.
  • EN6000 Series – The top iPDU in the Advantage Series. The EN6000 Series offers Input Metering, Outlet Metering and Outlet Switching.

Enlogic iPDUs offer an ultralow profile design that provides easy equipment access. They provide high-accuracy metering of V, A, AV, W, kWh and pf with billing-grade metering accuracy tested to ISO/IEC 62053-21 (± 1%) standard. With advanced networking via a primary Gigabit Ethernet connection with a 10/100 Ethernet connection for redundancy, it provides futureproof dual network access with high bandwidth cascading. To save IP addresses and for easier management Enlogic iPDUs feature IP Cascading enabling up to 64 PDUs to be managed through a single IP address. With two-way DC power sharing for an always-on network management and alarms. Outlets are colour coded by circuit breaker providing visual phase and load bank identification for reduced human error.

Tool-less Hot-Swap Network Management Controller (NMC)

The Enlogic Advantage Series features a NMC that is Hot-Swappable without the use of any tools for maximum availability and for future upgrades. It also enables the display to be rotated to enable top or bottom mounting orientation. The NMC features a large, high-visibility display that has user-defined electronic colour coding for easy power source identification. The display shows power data at both Phase and CB levels and displays critical alarm icons for PDU alarm, Cascade Error, Environmental Alarm, Security Alarm and Circuit Breaker alarm, whilst and interactive display provides access to menus for Setup, Alarms, Power and Sensors. The NMC uses the best-in-class ARM A5 microprocessor and a powerful Linux OS platform. With remote connectivity via HTTPS, SNMP, JSON or SSH. The advanced React web platform provides data efficient desktop and native mobile device support.

Enlogic Advantage Series iPDUs can be easily integrated with most DCIM software applications including Sunbird, FNT, Nlyte Software, StruxureWare, Tuangru, iTracs and Smartzone.

Combo Outlets for greater flexibility and futureproofing

Enlogic Advantage iPDUs utilise the latest combination outlets for greater flexibility and power requirement futureproofing. 2-in1 outlets provide compatibility with C13 and C15 connections, whilst 4-in-1 outlets support C13, C19, C15 and C21.

Enlogic’s 2-way locking IEC power cords provide protection against accidental power loss of your attached IT equipment when used with any Enlogic PDU. A small tab fits into the IEC C13 or C19 outlet on any Enlogic PDU providing an error-proof locking mechanism.

Environmental & Security Management

Enlogic PDUs can directly connect and manage up to 10 “plug-and-play” environmental and security management devices these include:

  • Temperature & Humidity (EA9103 / EA9105)
  • Temperature Sensor (EA9102)
  • Security eHandle (EA9500 / EA9502)
  • Rope Leak Sensor (EA9112)
  • Door Open / Close Sensor (EA9109)

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Circuit Breaker Load Monitoring & Alerts
  • Monitor total load for each circuit breaker
  • Measure circuit breaker loads across redundant feeds to avoid accidental downtime
  • Enables smart load balancing for power efficiency and maximised capacity utilisation
PDU Energy Metering
  • PDU level power & energy metering (W, kWh)
  • Input Phase level power measurements (V, A, VA, kWh, pf)
  • High-Accuracy, billing-grade metering tested to ISO/IEC 62053-21 (± 1%) standard
  • Data logging for capacity planning & troubleshooting
  • User customisable alarm thresholds & notifications
Outlet Level Switching
  • Remote On/Off power control for every individual outlet
  • User-defined power-on time delay to sequence IT equipment
  • Automatic power-on sequencing to avoid inrush current overload
  • Disable unused outlets to avoid accidental overload and unauthorised use
  • Outlet level user security with assignable roles and user access
PDU Design Features
  • Low profile, space saving design
  • Ultra low profile circuit breakers on most models
  • Flexible tool-less mounting system
  • Colour-coded outlets and circuit-breakers
Network Management Controller
  • High-performance ARM A5 processor with advanced network management
  • Dual network ports: Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet
  • Redundant Ethernet connectivity for each PDU
  • Comprehensive connectivity options include SNMP, HTTPS, SSH, JSON, Redfish API, and others
  • Strong encryption, passwords, and advanced authorisation options including LDAP/S, and Active Directory
Local Information Displays
  • Dual displays permit both easy-to-view critical data and local user interaction
  • Industry’s largest display with high visibility phase, circuit breaker, and alarm icons
  • User interface allows users to configure and access data locally

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

EN2000 Series- Input Metered, Outlet Switched

EN2350Vertical 32A, 200-240VAC, 1 Phase, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 20x C13/C15 and 20x 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2380Vertical 32A, 200-240VAC, 1 Phase, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 16x Locking C13/C15 and 16x Locking 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2450Vertical 16/20A (16A derated), 200-240/346-415VAC, 3 Phase WYE, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 21x C13/C15 and 21x 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2850Vertical 32/30A (24A derated), 400-415VAC, 3 Phase WYE, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 24x C13/C15 and 24x 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2880Vertical 32/30A (24A derated), 400-415VAC, 3 Phase WYE, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 21x Locking C13/C15 and 21x Locking 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2950Vertical 63/60A (48A derated), 400-415VAC, 3 Phase WYE, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 21x C13/C15 and 21x 4-in-1 Combination Outlets
EN2980Vertical 63/60A (48A derated), 400-415VAC, 3 Phase WYE, Input Metered/Outlet Switched PDU with 18x Locking C13/C15 and 18x Locking 4-in-1 Combination Outlets

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads