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IEC Lock+ C20 connector is a locking C20 connector that has been designed to prevent the accidental removal from a C20 outlet.

Power Cables with Locking C20 Connector

The IEC Lock+ Locking C20 Connector provides a locking solution for C20 outlets.

These C20 outlets can be found on equipment such as UPS and PDUs. In the case of PDUs, unless they are fitted with locking C20 outlets there is a possibility that equipment can be accidentally disconnected from the outlet either through the cable being pulled or via vibration. Whilst the other end of power cord going into the C19 socket on the equipment can be secured using the IEC Lok Locking C19 connector, the C20 connector provides a source of accidental disconnection. One solution until now has been the use of shims which make for a tighter connection between the outlet and connector. However, it is still possible for the cable to become dislodged.

The IEC Lock+ Locking C20 Connector features side and bottom locking tabs that provide a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental power disconnection when cables are pulled or through vibration. This connector now provides a dual locking solution for C19/C20 power connections.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Secure Locking Side and Bottom Tabs
  • C20 Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the outlet
  • A European, USA & Canada, Australian, and Japanese approved Dual Locking C20 IEC LOCK Connector that will lock into most C20 outlets.
  • Patent Pending.




  • 16A / 250V~ (Europe & Australia)


  • BS EN 60320-1: 2015
  • UL 60320-1 & C22.2 No. 60320-1
  • AS/NZS 60320-1: 2012
  • Appendix 4 Section 1, Section 6 and Appendix 10 Chapter 5

Cable Types Approved (EU/SAA)

  • 3G 1.00mm² H05VV-F
  • 3G 1.50mm² H05VV-F3G 1.00mm² H05RN-F
  • 3G 1.50mm² H05RN-F**
  • 3G 1.00mm² H05BB-F**
  • 3G 1.00mm² H05ZIZI-F
  • 3G 1.50mm² H05ZIZI-F

(**Not available under SAA)

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads