RackANGEL from EDP Europe provides the ultimate in 19” rack protection

RackAngel Rack Security SolutionWith ever tightening regulatory controls & compliance requirements, attention on information security and the physical security of IT systems and assets has never been higher.

Protecting IT systems and data within 19” racks is a primary concern to IT, IS, & Facilities Managers. With this in mind EDP Europe has launched its RackANGEL solution that combines three security technologies (access control, CCTV and Biometrics) to provide the ultimate solution for 19” rack security and access control.


The three core components of EDP Europe’s RackANGEL solution are:

  1. TZ Rack Access Control – TZ are a leading provider of micro security systems for securing and controlling access to 19” racks. Racks can be retro-fitted with the TZ SlideHandle™ and controlled by either the standalone TZ Centurion™ system or the TZ Praetorian™ system that can interface to existing building access control systems. Each system can be configured to manage individuals’ access to specific racks only based on their credentials, and provide a full audit trail of which racks have been accessed, by whom, when they were accessed and for how long. In the event of an unauthorised access, an alert can be sent notifying of the breach in security.
  2. Biometric Swipe Card – EDP Europe’s Biometric Swipe Card provides a dual level of authentication without the need of investing in the replacement of existing card reader infrastructure. The card is enrolled in the same way as existing contactless cards but has on-board biometric fingerprint technology that ties the card to a specific individual. Being unique to an individual user, the card only communicates and provides access when the card owner activates it with their fingerprint. All biometric data is stored on the card eliminating the need to store and mange biometric data.
  3. CCTV – To reinforce the physical security provided by the TZ system, the RackANGEL solution adds another level of visibility and security with the introduction of in-rack surveillance cameras which provide real-time or historical footage of both authorised and unauthorised events.

With EDP’s RackANGEL solution in place you’ll have the peace of mind that the security of your IT racks is being managed proactively, that access is being fully controlled, and that you have full visibility of all activity in or around your critical IT assets.

To learn more about how the RackANGEL solution, or the individual components, could help your business contact EDP Europe on +44 (0)1376 510337 or e-mail [email protected]

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