Correctly Managing Structured Cabling

In the January 2021 issue of Inside_Networks magazine EDP Europe explains how a correctly managed structured cabling system can increase uptime and scalability while, at the same time, lowering operating expenses and reducing a Data Centre’s technology footprint.

EDP Europe is a leading distributor of both copper and fibre networking infrastructure, including stocking and distributing the latest fibre optic solutions from HUBER+SUHNER.

In the article EDP Europe looks at the importance of the Data Centre’s backbone network infrastructure and the important role it plays.

Exploring fibre networks from the meeting point with the outside world, within the Meet Me Room (MMR). The important role the MMR plays, looking at the latest high density, managed, Main Distribution Frames through to how final connections can be managed at the IT Rack.

To read the article in full see page 52 of the January 2021 issue of Inside_Networks –

Utilising the latest technology from HUBER+ SUHNER EDP Europe is able to provide our clients with advanced fibre optic network cable management. HUBER+SUHNER LiSA ODFs (Optical Distribution Frames) provide high-density cross connects in a small footprint. Their modular design facilitates different fibre performances, connectivity types and applications to be mixed and matched within the same rack. Whilst the modular IANOS system provides an easy, managed upgrade path at rack level for future networking demands. High Density patching can be simplified using patch cords utilising HUBER+SUHNER’s LC-XD connectors. The extended lever makes it easier to identify, connect and remove connections in high-density application.

EDP Europe also recognises that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for all clients so provides a range of custom services including fibre cable cutting so that our clients receive the required lengths of cable ready for installation. EDP Europe also can pre-build ODFs ready for final connections once they are delivered to a client’s site.

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