Major Global Co-Location Data Centre Provider Deploys HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Fibre Management System

IANOS fibre management system is the latest, class-leading and future-proofed fibre optic cable management system from HUBER+SUHNER. The system facilitates Base-2, 8, 12 and 24 pre-terminated cable systems for best-in-class density, speed of installation, handling and scalability. The IANOS fibre management system is made up of several components starting with the IANOS chassis, into which are installed various types of modules that provide up to 144 LC connections in 1U! The IANOS system is designed to accommodate a quick, simple and inevitable upgrade path from 10G serial to 40G and 100G parallel optics.

The IANOS chassis rack mounts into a 19” mounting frame and is available in 1U or 4U sizes, there’s also the option of a zero-u chassis for side mounting to rails, modules then install into the chassis. Modules are available as single or twin modules, which are colour-coded by base-type to aid identification of MTP type. There are five types of modules available these are patching modules, transition modules, MTP conversion modules, splicing modules and pre-terminated modules.

When a major global co-location data centre provider looked to conduct a major network infrastructure upgrade they looked at various options to improve their fibre optic network, before finally deciding to deploy the HUBER+SUHNER IANOS fibre management system.

There were a number of key drivers in their decision-making process:

Fibre density

Being a Co-location provider utilising as much rack space as possible was fundamental in the decision process. Choosing a system that gave them the highest fibre density in each U of rack space was extremely important. With IANOS offering a 1U or 4U chassis it meant they could support up to 144 fibres (72 ports) in a 1U space or 576 fibres (288 ports) in a 4U space.

Ease of installation and accessibility

They also required the system to be simple to implement and provide easy accessibility to the fibres. This was also possible to do with the HUBER+SUHNER IANOS system. IANOS chassis is easy to install within traditional 19” rack mounting rails. The chassis is then loaded with modules to match the required fibre type. These modules use colour-coded connectors to match the fibre cable harnesses making it easy to identify if there any incorrect connections. The modules are easy to slide in and out of the chassis and can be replaced as and when migration from 10G to 40G or 100G is required, future-proofing the system.

Clear routing of fibres

Another key requirement was the clear routing of incoming and outgoing fibres. The IANOS chassis addresses this requirement perfectly. To start with the IANOS chassis is a split design, this allowed them to separate redundant cable feeds down different sides of the equipment rack, reducing the risk of disruption to live traffic. The rear of the chassis features cable management that maintains this separation making it easier to identify redundant feeds from live traffic. IANOS chassis is constructed with three sliding trays on the left and right-hand sides of the chassis, that the modules install in to. Each tray can be slid out independently enabling faster and easier access to connectors, and minimises the disruption to pre-installed cords. These trays feature built-in cable management that dress the fibres to the left or right. Doors on the chassis provide protection to the fibres as well as slide out labels that enable clear identification of the fibres within that section.

Product supply

As this project is an ongoing upgrade, product availability at short notice was also a major consideration. This wasn’t an issue as IANOS is available from stock at EDP Europe.

If you would like to find out how IANOS could help your organisation please contact our sales team to enquire about pricing, product availability or to schedule you a meeting to receive an overview of the IANOS fibre management system.

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