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IANOS modules are interchangeable connectivity blocks that are installed into the IANOS chassis and provide a flexible fibre optic management system. With a wide range of modules available IANOS is capable of managing a variety of fibre transmission rates within the same chassis.

IANOS Modules

High-performance Fibre Optic Infrastructure

IANOS modules are interchangeable connectivity blocks that are installed into the IANOS chassis from the front or rear side. There is a wide variety of IANOS modules available to cover the many different types of application such as patching, splicing, transition and conversion. Single and twin modules are available to provide a high degree of flexibility and choice for the fibre optic infrastructure to be built.

IANOS modules are very compact and lightweight and can be easily inserted and removed as the infrastructure grows or changes. Operators can easily adapt the IANOS system to higher data rates simply by removing 10G modules and replacing them with modules capable of higher 40G or 100G data rates.

IANOS Patching Module

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS MTP Base-8, Base-12 and Base-24 Patching Modules
IANOS patching modules enable MTP or LC trunk cables to pass straight through and be connected directly to patch cords or harnesses. In applications using Base-2 singlemode the IANOS LC-LC patching module provides a faster “plug and play” option than the fusion splicing alternative, and in MTP multimode applications the MTP patching module enables “end-to-end” parallel fibre optics using Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 connectivity.

IANOS Transition Module MTP-LC

IANOS MTP-LC transition modules take MTP backbone cables and convert them to LC connectivity at the front of the module, so enabling LC patch cords to connect to nearby IT equipment. These are normally used for lower data rates of 1G, 10G or 16G. Transition modules also provide the possibility to upgrade LC based links by replacing the transition module with an MTP based conversion module, patching module or conversion harness. IANOS transition modules are available in single or double formats and are suitable for Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 MTP backbones.

IANOS Conversion Module

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Base-8, Base-12 and Base-24 Conversion Modules
IANOS conversion modules offer a convenient upgrade path to convert pre-installed MTP backbone cables to match new transceiver requirements. For example two Base-12 backbone trunks can be converted to three Base-8 MTP connectors or to a single Base-24 MTP connector.

LC Splicing Module

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Base-2 Splice Module
IANOS splicing module is a twin module that enables fusion of 24 individual heat shrink splices or 4 ribbon heat shrink splices. The splicing module can accommodate bend-limiting and is suitable for use with all Optipack 8, 12 and 24 strand cables.

Pre-terminated Module

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Pre-Terminated Modules
IANOS pre-terminated module is a single module that has is pre-connected directly with a length of cable. The pre-terminated module can be supplied with a module at both ends or at one end only for fusion splicing to pigtails. Pre-terminated modules cut the time required during installation and help data centre operators achieve near-perfect cable length management between racks.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Base-type colour coded adapters for easy and quick identification of MTP type.
  • Colour scheme is carried through to the cable system to provide a visual check that the correct trunks and cords are connected together.
  • MTP adapter on all IANOS modules can be removed and rotated to flip the polarity, enabling field conversion of type A adapters to type B.
  • Markings on the top of the adapter show the type being deployed.
  • IANOS patching modules can be fed either from the rear with an Optipack trunk cable or from the front by a harness.
  • Both complement each other to provide a total solution that is compact and optimised for performance and handling.

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