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Constant and rapid changes in technology mean that IT infrastructure needs to be future proof and optimised in order to support the ever increasing need for up-time. EDP Europe’s data centre services and solutions enable customers to meet the demands placed on data centres throughout their life-cycle.

EDP Data Centre Services

EDP Europe offers a range of Data Centre and IT Room services to assist our clients with improving the efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security of their facility. These services include:

Thermal Audit

Identify strategies for optimising data centre cooling performance.

Configuration Services

Utilise EDP Europe to pre-configure infrastructure systems prior to shipment to site.

Installation Support

On site installation support for all products, especially our technical products.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke solutions where only a custom-built system will solve the problem

Supply Chain Services

Inventory, logistics, kitting services to drive supply chain efficiency

Critical Facility Cleaning

Data Centre technical cleaning and specialist services

Data Centre Solutions

EDP Europe builds on its many years of experience, to provide a wealth of knowledge and a broad portfolio of leading edge systems to optimise the overall performance of our customers’ data centres and enterprise IT environments. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe offers technologies and solutions that can support the life-cycle of your critical IT environments to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.

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