IT Security Cage

  • Security Cages Made From Wire Mesh
  • IT Security Cages with Vented Metal Walls and Doors
  • IT Security Cages using Slotted Vented Metal Panels

IT Security Cage

Physical Protection For High Value IT Assets

EDP offers a choice of IT security cage solutions, from simple wire mesh security cages to our vented steel panel security cages. IT security cages are an ideal solution for restricting access to certain areas within a data centre or computer room and protect high value IT assets.

Product Description

Physical Protection For High Value IT Assets

Controlling access to data centres, computer rooms and other areas housing high value IT assets is a primary concern for security conscious IT and Facility Managers.

Whilst access to individual rooms can be controlled through building management systems, protecting the security of high value, mission critical systems can be enhanced using IT security cages to create a room within a room.

EDP offers a choice of IT security cage solutions, from simple wire mesh security cages to our vented steel panel security cages.

Vented Steel Panel IT Security Cages
Our vented steel panel IT security cages are constructed using tubular steel posts with internally fixed steel vented panels between. They provide a robust solution with maximum security provided to the enclosed IT hardware.

Vented panels are available in two hole patterns either slotted or square, with sliding or swing door options that can be locked in a variety of ways.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides visual & physical security.
  • Two standard heights available, 2.4m and 2.9m. Custom heights also available.
  • Doors available in single sliding or swing formats measuring 1,050mm.
  • Multiple locking options:
    • Standard barrel type locks.
    • Electronic or manual combination locks.
    • Emergency push bar for swing doors.
  • Access control systems with keypad or swipe card.
  • Self-supporting modular design.
  • Easily and rapidly expandable.
  • Tamper proof design with no visible screws from outside the cage.
  • Below floor security available in solid panels or 50x50mm mesh sections.
  • Vented roof sections also available.
  • Vented panels can be supplied in 50mm x 50mm hole sections or 75mm x 6mm slotted sections.
  • Constructed from 2mm mild steel tubular frame posts with 1.5mm internally fixed panels.
  • Wide choice of colours.

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