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The TZ PushLock™ is an intelligent electronic cabinet lock that offers easy installation and provides a secondary electronic lock for cabinets or frames where it is not acceptable to modify the door or to replace existing locking and latching mechanisms.

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TZ PushLock™ – Electronic Cabinet Lock

Top of cabinet locking solution for TZ rack security system

The innovative design of the TZ PushLock™ allows this electronic cabinet lock to be installed in minutes without drilling or mess, allowing electronic access control and locking to be implemented on cabinets that traditionally have required extensive door and/or frame modification. The TZ PushLock™ builds on the technology used by the TZ SlideHandle™ and features the same Shape Memory Alloy actuator that has no magnetic emissions and is powered and controlled through the TZ Centurion™ Bridge or TZ Praetorian™ Junction. The TZ PushLock™ utilises the same LED system that provides visible indication as to the lock’s status.

TZ PushLock™ consists of a two part mechanism, a sliding ‘push’ stud that mounts to the exterior of the door and a radial locking part that mounts to the top horizontal surface of the cabinet. Both parts are secured using a bracket system fitted with pressure adhesive pads. This electronic cabinet lock provides multiple outputs for real-time monitoring of events, can raise alarms for unauthorised access, provides a complete audit trail and indicates the lock’s status. In event of power failure cabinet security integrity is maintained, whilst allowing authorised personnel to override entry via key lock.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation without any door modification.
  • Two part mechanism, Sliding ‘Push’ stud mounts to exterior of door and Radial locking part mounts to the top horizontal surface of the cabinet, both parts are secured using a bracket system fitted with pressure adhesive pads.
  • Fits most types of Mainframe, SAN, Media/Tape library, NEMA12, Dual Hinged cabinet types.
  • Connects to control system using RJ45 and Cat5e/6 cabling.
  • Complies with TIA/EIA requirements.
  • SMA actuated locking mechanism.
  • Defaults to locked when power is removed and incorporates a manual key release.
  • Visual LED status indication.
  • Multiple sensors for door status (locked/closed, unlocked/closed, unlocked/open, locked/open).

Part Numbers

Part Number

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48-112479.19TZ PushLock™

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