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FUJI-KIT-06 from Fujikura UK is a complete optical fibre preparation tool kit.

Fujikura FUJI-KIT-06 Preparation Tool Kit

Complete optical fibre preparation tool kit

The Fujikura FUJI-KIT-06, created by Fujikura UK, is a complete optical fibre preparation tool kit that contains the tools (except for a fibre cleaver) to gain access to and prepare optical fibres for fusion splicing. The tools are contained in a foam lined tool case so everything has its place make finding the right tool an easier process.

The Kit Contains

Tool Case & Tools

(Without Cleaver)

Foam lined tool box with carry strap, Fujikura tri-hole strippers (SS-03), LTC-01 loose tube cutters, LTC-02 (peg type) loose tube cutters, cable ringing tool, Kevlar scissors, lint free fibre wipes, fibre cleaning fluid, SC-CLK-B OneClick Cleaner SC, MU-LC-CLK-B OneClick Cleaner LC, cin-bin, lint-free cotton buds, head-torch, retractable knife, tape measure, slotted screwdriver large, slotted screwdriver small, Philips screwdriver large, Philips screwdriver small, precision screwdriver set, pliers, side cutters, junior hacksaw, re-usable cleaning cloth.
PocketsLower: Product foam cut-outs
Upper-front: 3x small pockets + multiple tool slots
Upper-rear: Single large pocket

(When Closed)

49cm x 19cm x 43cm

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads