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The Fujikura VCK-01 V-Groove cleaning kit has specifically been created for the cleaning Arc Fusion Splicers. Ensuring the cleanliness of fusion splicers is vital to achieve a good splice with the least amount of loss.

Fujikura VCK-01 Cleaning Kit

V-Groove cleaning kit for Arc Fusion Splicers

Fujikura VCK-01 cleaning kit specifically created for cleaning V-Groove Arc Fusion Splicers.

Clean V-Grooves are critical to producing a low loss splice regardless of the splicer being used. The VCK-01 can be used with all fusion splicer types including single fibre or mass fusion splicers.

When cleaning fusion splicers great care should be taken not to touch the electrodes during the cleaning process.

Kit Contents

The Fujikura VCK-01 cleaning kit contains:

  • Lint Free Cotton Sticks – Used for initial debris removal. These should be lightly moisten with the fibre preparation fluid, then scrub the V-Grooves using a back and forth motion.
  • Scrubber Brush – This is used to for heavy debris removal. The V-Grooves should be gently scrubbed with a back and forth motion.
  • Sweeper Brush – Used for the removal of fine particle debris. The V-Grooves should be gently swept starting from the edge closest to the electrodes and moving outside.
  • Magnifier Light – Used to inspect the V-Grooves to see if debris is still present.
  • Fibre Preparation Fluid – Used with the Lint Free Cotton Sticks.
  • Carry Case

All items can be re-ordered as separate consumables.

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PDF Downloads