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The Fujikura 90R is the latest mass ribbon fusion splicer designed for splicing ribbon optical fibre, with new features that enhance connectivity, usability and performance. The design streamlines the steps required to complete the splices enabling better productivity.

Fujikura 90R ribbon fusion splicer

Mass fusion splicer capable of splicing up to 16-fibre ribbons

The Fujikura 90R mass fusion splicer is the latest ribbon fusion splicer from Fujikura replacing the successful Fujikura 70R+.

The Fujikura 90R is capable of splicing up to 16-fibre ribbons. The 90R series is the first to feature an innovative user replaceable V-groove assembly that is quick and easy to install in the field minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Previously, V-grooves become dirty due to the accumulation of debris and glass deposits from splicing. This could lead to fibre offsets and higher losses if the V-grooves were not regularly cleaned. Replaceable V-grooves overcome this problem, with spare ones provided as standard items in the 90R kit.

The design of the V-groove accommodates the splicing of conventional type 12-fibre encapsulated ribbon and SpiderWebRibbon (SWR) while also accommodating 250μm and 200μm pitch fibres. The unit can also be used to splice single fibres if needed.

The 90R has reduced the working time compared to the previous 70R+ model, achieved by a number of improvements including: replaceable V-grooves, reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, a 5 inch (127mm) LCD touch screen and Fujikura’s Active Blade Management Technology, that can now connect to two Fujikura CT50 cleavers.

Active Blade Management Technology enables the 90R to control blade rotation when it considers the blade to be worn. Blade life is displayed on the screen and the 90R informs the user when blade height or position changes, or a new blade is required.

The 90R is also able to communicate with the Fujikura RS03 ribbon fibre stripper.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Capable of splicing 4, 12 or 16-fibre ribbon.
  • Improved automatic wind protection that has been designed to complete the slicing process with the minimum number of manual steps reducing the overall splice time.
  • User replaceable V-grooves to avoid cleanliness issues.
  • Range of fibre holders compatible with single fibres, standard encapsulated ribbons and SpiderWebRibbon types.
  • High-capacity battery capable of delivering 165 12-fibre splices and heat shrinks.
  • Recharge an empty battery in approximately 5 hours.
  • Pitch conversion fibre holder allows the splicing of 200μm and 250μm single fibres.
  • The 90R comes with a new larger designed carry case and multi-function work tray. The 90R can be used by just opening the case, positioning the 90R on top or from just the work tray.
  • Active Blade Management Technology enables the 90R to control blade rotation on the CT50 cleaver, notifying the user when blade height or position needs altering or when the blade needs changing.
  • Wireless communication to two CT50s and an RS03 stripper simultaneously.
  • To smooth workflow when the splice mode is changed the 90R will communicate this to the RS03 stripper so that it automatically adjusts its heating temperature and time accordingly.

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