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Fujikura 90S+ is the latest single fibre core alignment fusion splicer from Fujikura. With new and enhanced features that have been developed to allow operators to work faster and with higher precision, it sets the standard for fusion splicing.

Fujikura 90S+

Latest single fibre core alignment fusion splicer

The Fujikura 90S+ is a single fibre core alignment fusion splicer, and has new and enhanced features that makes fusion splicing easier and quicker to do whilst maintaining a high level of precision.

Building on from previous models the Fujikura 90S+ has market-first fully automated features that makes the splicing process faster and simpler. Utilising Bluetooth, the 91S+’s Active Blade Management Technology (ABMT) enhances the efficiency of the Fujikura CT50 Cleaver that results in improved productivity and reduced costs.

With its Active Fusion Control Technology (AFCT) the Fujikura 91S+ can analyse the cleave end face condition and perform the optimal fusion control to minimise splice loss.

When compared to the previous Fujikura 70S+ model the 90S+ reduces the overall splice process time thanks to improvements in the reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, new fibre retention clamps and improved universal sheath clamps.

The redesigned internal structure means that successful splicing can be achievement without the operator needing to touch the unit once the process has commenced.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Active Fusion Control Technology that analyses the cleave condition of both left and right cleave end faces and then applies the optimal fusion control.
  • Active Blade Management Technology enables the 91S+ to wirelessly communication to the CT-50 fibre cleaver and automatically rotate the blade to deliver the optimal cleave. The 91S+ will also display the blade’s remaining lifetime and inform when the position or height needs to be changed or the blade replaced.
  • Utilising AFCT and ABMT the 90S+ delivers high quality splices which minimise splice loss that result in additional time and money to rework splices.
  • The 90S+ reduces installation times by more than 50% when compared to the previous 70S+ model.
  • The Multifunction case and workstation allows the 90S+ to be ready to use just by opening the case. Alternatively, the 90S+ can be operated on top of the case or from the work tray.
  • The design of the electrodes for 90S+ enables easy replacement.

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