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Access to the TZ Centurion rack access control system is provide via a RFID or Biometric reader connected to the TZ Wiegand Translator. The TZ Wiegand Translator is compatible with most third-party Wiegand devices such as card readers and biometric scanners.

TZ Wiegand Translator

The TZ Wiegand Translator enables third party Wiegand credential reader devices such as card readers or biometric scanners to trigger the TZ Centurion™ system. The TZ Wiegand Translator takes its power from the TZ structured cable network and its compact size and simple design facilitates easy installation.

The TZ Wiegan Translator enables the T5 Pro Biometric Reader to be incorporated into the TZ rack security system.


  • The TZ Centurion™ Wiegand Translator provides access control by interpreting a Wiegand data stream.
  • Allows the interface of industry standard Wiegand authenication devices such as card or biometric readers.
  • Powered through the TZ structured cable network.

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PDF Downloads