TZ rack security solution helps major identity services company secure their racks

Recently a major identity services company implemented EDP’s RackANGEL rack security solution to control access to its IT racks in a multi-tenant Data Centre. The company concerned are a major player in providing cloud-based, scalable PKI solutions to companies requiring safe commerce, communications, content delivery and community interactions online. With identity protection and security being their business, they wanted to ensure that their servers and other critical hardware housed within their Data Centre’s IT racks were not only physically secured against unauthorised access, but also had a full audit trail of when their racks were accessed and more importantly who by.

The racks, forming part of two pods with cold aisle containment, were located in different areas of a co-location Data Centre. A TZ Centurion Bridge, the central control hub of the TZ rack security system was installed in each pod. To support the use of the client’s existing access cards, a TZ Multitech reader was used in both areas at the end of each aisle. TZ SlideHandles were installed to the front and rear doors of each rack. Each TZ Centurion Bridge is accessed via web browser, with the option of additional software to provide a centralised management platform on larger installations.

The TZ SlideHandles use a ‘traffic light’ system to show the status of the lock; red locked, amber ready to be unlocked and green for unlocked. This visual reference enables, at a glance, engineers to see the status of the racks in the aisle and which racks they can access. Access rights are fully configurable so engineers can be limited to only access the racks they have control over, this could be restricted to as little as one handle if needs be. Locks can even be remotely triggered so if a visiting engineer doesn’t have an access card the door to a rack can be remotely unlocked from the NOC or anywhere else in the world. Each time an event occurs, be it authorised or unauthorised, the activity is recorded in a log file that can be downloaded to provide a permanent audit trail. In the case of unauthorised events, alarms can be set off locally and alerts transmitted to the client.

Speaking of the decision to choose the TZ solution, the company’s Technology Solutions Director said “We were looking for a solution that would not only control the access to our server racks, but also a system that would provide us with the information needed to meet our compliance requirements. The TZ solution not only enables us to achieve both of these but is flexible enough to expand as our requirements grow”.

With data security breaches now having to be reported, and risks of fines when such breaches occur, the physical security of data stored on IT equipment can no longer be ignored. The TZ rack security solution provides the answer and can be further enhanced by the addition of biometrics and in-rack CCTV cameras that record whenever racks are accessed be it authorised or unauthorised.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how EDP Europe can help protect your IT racks please contact our sales department.

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