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PlenaFill Blanking Panels

PlenaFill® is a rack blanking panel solution that is in the form of a 27U sheet.  The 27U blanking panel sheet is scored at 1U intervals making it possible to break off the required number of U to be installed.  PlenaFill® blanking panels are quick and easy to install, and is a great way to quickly blank off large areas of unused rack space.

Blanking off unused rack space is important as it prevents hot server exhaust air from recirculating to the front of the cabinet where it can cause hot spots or be taken back through the installed equipment.  PlenaFill® is available in both dark grey and white, find out more below.

PlenaFill Blanking Panels
PlenaFill­ Blanking Panels

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PlenaFill Blanking Panels - White

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PlenaFill Blanking Panel Accessories

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