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The ColdLogik CL23 HPC Rear Door Cooler meets the demands of High-Performance Compute (HPC) cooling required for managing the high heat loads output by high-density server racks, cooling loads of 200kW per rack!

ColdLogik CL23 HPC Rear Door Cooler

RDC for High-Performance Compute (HPC) cooling

With ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers established as a highly efficient cooling system for use to cool Data Centre server racks, the CL23 HPC Rear Door Cooler introduces a way to meet the challenging demands of High-Performance Compute cooling.

The ColdLogik system is designed to operate on a closed loop water circuit, ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance by removing heat generated by the active equipment directly at source.

The ColdLogik CL23 HPC enhances the system and is capable of cooling an unrivaled 200kW of sensible cooling per standard server rack.

Unlike other high performing cooling technologies, the CL23 HPC RDC requires no specialist infrastructure in the Data Centre, no specialist servers, it is fitted to standard IT racks, has retrofit capability, only occupies a small footprint, is easy to install and simple to roll out providing an unquestionably cost effective solution on all levels.

The ColdLogik CL23 HPC by design, is capable of controlling the whole room environment without any additional cooling apparatus, unlike equivalent technologies. In addition, this ColdLogik Solution offers significant capital expenditure savings and with an EER in excess of 100 at maximum duty the CL23 HPC provides a better operational expenditure too.

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