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ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers are designed to work in conjunction with Aisle Containment systems to provide the required cooling. As they do not require a raised floor environment they provide an ideal cooling solution for ‘slab’ environments.

ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers

InRow cooling for Aisle Containment systems

ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers ensure efficient thermal and energy performance by removing the heat generated by active equipment, preventing hot exhaust air entering space where it is not permitted.

This InRow cooling solution works in conjunction with racks in aisle containment and is available to suit both Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) and Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) configurations. Warm exhaust air passes over the InRow heat exchanger matrix, either by its own velocity or being pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted in the CL80. Heat is rejected to fluid and chilled air is passed back into the ambient space at predetermined temperature.

The CL80 InRow Coolers can be sited within an existing Data Centre to work with existing computer room air conditioning to provide additional cooling. They also reduce energy consumption and remove hot spots.

CL80 coolers are available in two widths 300mm or 600mm wide.

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