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EDP SwitchDUCT provides a passive, cost-effective solution to the installation and cooling of network


Network Switch Cooling Solution

EDP SwitchDUCT is a network switch cooling solution that has been designed to insure that top-of-rack network switches are correctly cooled. An additional benefit of SwitchDUCT is it allows switches to be installed without the need of expensive mounting kits that can also be awkward to fit.

By solving both of these issues, it becomes an extremely cost-effective solution.

Typically network switches are housed in the rear of server racks, as a result they are prone to overheating due to the air intakes drawing in hot exhaust air from the installed IT equipment. This overheating can result in the network switch failing resulting in network downtime.

EDP SwitchDUCT  provides an air channel enabling cold air from the front of the rack to be drawn into the network switches. Its design allows network switches to be supported by the chassis removing the requirement of a separate mounting kit.

Colour-coded to aid correct installation, the blue section is installed in the side of the rack facing the cold aisle, while the red section faces into the hot aisle. The adjustable sleeve enables it to fit between rail depths of 500mm to 750mm, however as this is a bespoke solution custom-design for larger racks is an option.

As standard SwitchDUCT is a 3U chassis, with a larger 5U unit available on request. There is also the added option of a bespoke designed version to meet your exact requirement.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • EDP SwitchDuct, as standard, is a 3U switch tunnel with a larger 5U model available on request.
  • Enables switches housed in the rear of the rack to be correctly cooled.
  • Adjustable sleeve enables SwitchDuct to be adjusted to fit rail depths of between 500mm to 750mm.
  • Colour coded for correct installation (red = hot aisle / blue = cold aisle).
  • Removes requirement for expensive switch rail kits that are awkward to install, making switch installation easier.
  • Reduces switch fan speeds and lowers switch temperatures helping to improve energy efficiency.

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