Reduce Costs Through Optimising Data Centre Cooling

Did you know that using solutions from EDP Europe to optimise Data Centre cooling can reduce costs and improve your efficiency?

Now is a great time to review and improve the cooling efficiency of your Data Centre by deploying non-intrusive airflow management solutions. Data Centre cooling optimisation is a key area in which Data Centre operators can achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency by following a broad airflow management strategy.

EDP Europe is a leading authority in Data Centre airflow management and has helped many Data Centres, from new-build to legacy sites, improve and optimise their cooling systems efficiency.

EDP Europe offers a wide range of solutions that helps improve airflow management following the guidelines set out in the 4R’s of airflow management. By making changes at Raised Floor, Rack and Row levels it enables the cost savings to be made at Room level.

Small changes can make a big difference

Did you know that sealing cable cut-outs, choosing the right floor grilles and using blanking panels can make a big difference? Reading our “Guide to Airflow Management in Data Centres” will highlight the issues and provide guidance in how to remediate these issues and make your cooling more efficient.

One of the best ways of segregating cold and hot air in Data Centres is through the use of Aisle Containment solutions. EDP Europe provides bespoke-designed Hot Aisle Containment and Cold Aisle Containment systems for both new deployments and existing rows of server cabinets. With retro-fit Cold and Hot Aisle containment solutions available it allows even a legacy Data Centre to be updated and made more efficient, as well as making it easier to manage and monitor.

Whilst both hot-air and cold-air containment can help improve the predictability and efficiency of a traditional Data Centre cooling system, where Data Centres have hot / cold aisle arrangements, containment systems can help reduce energy expense by 5% to 10%.

Aisle Containment can reduce fan energy by 20% to 25% and deliver 20% energy savings from the chiller.

Previous aisle containment retrofits indicated that typical paybacks can be less than 12-18 months.

EDP Europe also offers the AisleLok Containment solution, consisting of Rack Top Baffles and either Bi-directional Swing or Sliding Doors; an easy to use, self-installable modular containment system that does not require a 3rd party to provide custom measurement, design, or installation, saving you time and money up-front.


By carrying out the work that can be done now, you can improve your Data Centre’s efficiency, reduce risks of downtime, save energy, and create an organised system, with installation that does not impact on live operations.

To find out more about how we can improve the efficiency of your Data Centre, or how our custom Data Centre solutions and bespoke design service could be of benefit to you or your clients contact us today.

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