Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions

EDP Europe is a leading provider of data centre infrastructure solutions and services for hyperscale, co-location, corporate and on premise data centres. We also provide a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions for enterprise or LAN environments.

What is data centre infrastructure?

Data centre infrastructure is the physical hardware, systems and resources that underpin the operation of a data centre. Data centres are complex environments and data centre infrastructure can be split into different areas of key consideration including thermal management (water cooling, airflow management), security, connectivity, power, monitoring and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM).

Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions
How data centre architecture affects data centre tiers.

Data centre architecture refers to the physical layout of equipment and resources which make up the data centre. Data centre architecture is normally created at the design and planning stage and is affected by the Tier that the data centre is to be designed to. Data centre tiers were created by the Uptime Institute as a means of establishing a standard to indicate the suitability of a data centre to match business needs. The Tiers range from Tier 1 to Tier 4.

  • Tier 1 Data Centre – A Tier 1 data centre is seen as the lowest level and least reliable as there is no redundancy, it simply has a single uplink and servers. This means in the result of a power outage, or equipment failure there are no backup systems so the risk of down time is higher.
  • Tier 2 Data Centre – A Tier 2 data centre is better than a Tier 1 data centre as each capacity component within the Tier 1 data centre must have a redundant component as well.
  • Tier 3 Data Centre – Tier 3 data centres are seen as a cost-effective solution to the majority of medium to large businesses with availability topping 99.98%, meaning there is minimal down time. Tier 3 data centres offer the same as Tier 2 data centres with the added requirement of dual-powered equipment and multiple links.
  • Tier 4 Data Centre – A Tier 4 data centre is the highest-level data centre offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. This is achieved by taking a data centre Tier 3 level and ensuring all components are fault-resistant and covered by a backup system. This includes the uplinks, storage systems, cooling equipment. Everything also has to be dual powered. In effect everything needs to have a redundant counterpart also known as N+N.
Data centre solutions and data centre services offered by EDP Europe.

EDP Europe offers a range of data centre services and data centre solutions that can be deployed at the various stages of a data centre’s lifecycle. At conception or in the design phase of a data centre, EDP Europe can assist with defining the cooling methodology to be used and its impact on airflow management and cooling optimisation. We can also support in the design or fit out phase across other core elements of the data centre’s physical infrastructure. From the raised access floor up, EDP Europe provides leading-edge data centre infrastructure solutions.

The Bergvik raised floor system is unlike most traditional raised access floors as it uses fewer pedestals, instead a steel beam subframe is created that uses up to 70% fewer pedestals. This frame offers a high level of lateral stability and can enable up to 25% more equipment to be installed on the same footprint as a traditional pedestal raised access floor. Our physical Data centre infrastructure solutions also include the racks in which IT equipment is housed, permanent Hot Aisle Containment (HAC), Cold Aisle Containment, structured cabling to provide high performance and reliable interconnects, physical security solutions . We also have the DCIM software to give a data centre operator or manager full visibility and control of its estate, facilitating efficient and proactive management of existing environments as well as providing the insights to allow effective and informed future capacity planning.

EDP Europe supply data centre server racks and network cabinets

EDP Europe supply a wide variety of data centre server racks and network cabinets from leading manufacturers such as Retex, Rittal and USystems.

Retex supply a range of server cabinets that can be supplied flat packed for easier access to difficult locations.  Unlike traditional server cabinets that sometimes ship flat packed, the Retex Logic2 and RetO cabinets are purposely designed for this method of transportation and are quick to build into a fully functional server rack. Rittal provide the TSIT rack that is highly configurable and can incorporate its own cooling system, with added seals to become an IP rated server cabinet. USystems offer EDP Europe’s widest range of server racks and network cabinets and includes wall boxes, soundproof cabinets, water cooled racks, chimney cabinets and active exhaust cabinets.

To learn more about 19” Enclosures read our ‘Guide To Server Racks and Data Cabinets’ page.

Improve data centre connectivity with our data centre cabling and cable management solutions.

Data centre connectivity is vital and making sure the right data centre cabling and cable management solutions are utilised will drastically affect the performance and reliability of the data centre. EDP Europe provides both copper structured cabling and fibre optic network cabling systems. We provide data centre cabling solutions from leading manufacturers that include: METZ CONNECT, HUBER+SUHNER and Hubbell Premise Wiring.

Hubbell Premise Wiring provide Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7 copper installation cable that surpasses the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). They also provide low diameter patch cords for improved patching and cable management, while their iFrame advanced cable management system saves valuable floor space, provides 10% more rack space, better cable management and fewer parts to make installation easier and quicker.

HUBER+SUHNER provide advanced fibre optic network solutions such as IANOS®, a rack-mountable fibre optic cable management system that is designed to provide an easier upgrade path to high-speed networks. Its modular design enables various types of fibre to be installed within the same chassis while colour-coding helps identify the fibre type. Also available from Huber & Suhner is its LiSA interconnect system which is widely used in carrier rich data centres at the Meet Me Room (MMR), where densities of up to 3480 fibres can be achieved within a 1500 wide LiSA Next Generation Rack (NGR).

EDP Europe offer more than data centre products, we can help you with your data centre planning from the data centre floor up.

Whilst EDP Europe supply data centre products to improve the infrastructure, airflow management, power, security and monitoring of the data centre, we offer much more. With years of experience within the data centre sector EDP Europe can assist and advise at each step in the lifecycle of the data centre, from the data centre planning stage to refitting or optimising legacy data centres. EDP Europe can provide you with the infrastructure solutions required from the data centre floor upwards. Working with leading manufacturers, EDP Europe can help guide you to ensure that the data centre solutions put in place today, meet the demands for tomorrow and beyond.

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