HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Rack (CDR) | Next Generation ODF

HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Rack (CDR) | Next Generation ODF

HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Rack

High-density, centralised management of fibre optic cables

HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Rack (CDR) is their latest next generation optical distribution frame and offers a dedicated high-density fibre management system for Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments. It’s small footprint, and front access enables floor space to be utilised by revenue generating IT racks, whilst CDRs can be positioned against walls, end of rack rows or even back-to-back.

Product Description

HUBER+SUHNER CDR – Fast, Flexible & Future-proofed

Fibre management solutions for Data Centre inter-connects and cross-connects

HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Rack (CDR) offers fast, flexible and future-proofed management of fibre optic cables that are used in Data Centre inter-connect or cross-connect network infrastructures. Constructed from robust yet lightweight aluminium they offer a high-quality look and feel that makes Data Centre demarcation areas such as Meet Me Rooms or Main Distribution Areas look immaculate. Built around rear-mounted 19” rails they offer improved access as everything is accessible from the front of the racks. Access can be further enhanced by the removal of doors and side panels which can be done easily and quickly without the use of any tools. Tamper-proof 2-point locking provides security, while 47U of mountable area provides loads of space for managing fibres. The CDRs have a low 300mm depth which saves space for greater revenue generating racks. CDRs are modular and scalable enabling them to grow with the ever-changing demands put on Data Centres for greater bandwidth. Each CDR can manage up to 3,240 fibres using LC connectivity or up to 25,920 fibres per rack using MTP connectivity.

The HUBER+SUHNER CDR houses purpose designed chassis, which are fully accessible from the front, into which are installed fibre tray cassettes. There are fibre tray cassettes available for a variety of applications including: splicing, patching, ribbon and transition. These trays can easily be accessed and when pulled out are hinged to provide convenient access to both sides of the fibre connection. Fibre connection ports face sideways to protect users from light being transmitted.

This modularity provides greater flexibility for managing fibre cables. 300mm wide cable management racks are fitted with mandrels and guides for excellent management of overlength cables. 600mm wide racks are the perfect solution for inter-connect networks, they have no overlength cable management but are perfect for splicing or MTP-LC transition. 900mm racks combine a cable management rack with a 600mm rack into which chassis are installed that contain the fibre management trays. These 900mm racks are prefect for cross-connect networks and can accommodate splicing and/or MTP-LC transitioning. 1200mm wide CDRs offer two overlength cord management areas while 1500mm wide CDRs have two tray management racks and a central cable management rack.

These modules can be added at anytime allowing your fibre connectivity to adapt as your network needs change. This greater flexibility is in-part down to the C-frame construction that enables easier access for routing cables. Rack-to-rack patching is made possible without patch cords having to leave the rack. Radius-protected drop-offs and corners protect fibre cables from micro-bends. Incoming fibres are securely mounted in purpose-designed cable fixation plates with loose-tube fibres routed through crush resistant, bend-limiting protective conduit. Tie-off plates can be positioned at any height and can incorporate MTP outlets for direct connection to MTP fibre trays.

For ready to deploy on-site, EDP Europe offers a pre-configuration service where chassis, cable fixation plates and micro-conduit are all pre-installed before racks are delivered. For more information on this please contact us.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust, but lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Flexible, modular and scalable solution for future-proof fibre connectivity.
  • Low footprint at only 300mm deep, saving revenue generating space, reducing OPEX.
  • Manage Single Mode and Multi Mode fibres in a variety of options (Loose Tube, Micro-core, MTP, Patching, Splicing, Transitioning, Pre-terms & Ribbon) all within the same rack.
  • Enhanced cable management with dedicated cable management area, that can be further optimised with LC-XD patch cords making for easier, trouble-free patching when conducting Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs).
  • Provides a centralised solution for managing inter-connect or cross-connect applications.


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