Data Centre Security, Power & Monitoring

EDP Europe offers a range of data centre security, power & monitoring products that help improve the security, reliability and environmental conditions within IT and other environments.

EDP Europe offers a wide range of PDUs both basic and intelligent that enable power consumption to be monitored across the entire power strip or, if required, down to individual power outlets. Some intelligent PDUs also enable the power to be remotely powered on, off or cycled. Environmental conditions are also critical if IT equipment is to run at its optimal performance. EDP Europe offers a range of solutions that monitor not only power usage but environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity as well. EDP also provide rack access control systems for improving the security of 19″ racks, with our RackANGEL solution providing the ultimate security solution for 19″ cabinets.

As well as this other electronic solutions from EDP Europe include: KVM Switches and Extenders, KVM Console Drawers, DCIM Solutions, Power Transfer Switches and Asset Tracking solutions.

Data Centre Security, Power and Monitoring Products for Data Centres


Guide to Data Centre Security


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