EDP Data Centre Server Cabinet

EDP Data Centre Server Cabinet

Data Centre Server Cabinet

EDP Europe’s premium server cabinet

The Data Centre Server Cabinet is EDP Europe’s premium data centre server cabinet designed for Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments. As with all racks in the EDP Network & Server Cabinet range there is a great level of flexibility in specification with bespoke sizes available. As standard the Data Centre Server Cabinet is available in two heights and two widths with all standard versions 1200mm deep.

Product Description

EDP Data Centre Server Cabinet

Bespoke data centre server cabinet

If you’re looking for a high spec, bespoke data centre server cabinet then the EDP Data Centre Server Cabinet is the 19” cabinet you are looking for.

EDP Europe prides itself on its ability to provide our clients with the solutions that they are looking for; which is why all the cabinets in EDP Europe’s own range of Network & Server Cabinets can be tailored to the exact specification you are looking for. As standard the data centre server cabinet comes in two heights 36U or 42U, two widths 700mm or 800mm and a depth of 1,200mm. The cabinets are supplied with 80% open front and rear mesh doors that are fitted with swing handles and 3-point locking for extra security. Security of the cabinet can be further enhanced by the addition of a Rack Access Control system. The doors are fully removable and can be hinged for left or right opening. The removal side panels provide easier access to equipment and cabling during installation or removal, but for added security can only be unlatched from the inside of the cabinet. All doors and panels are fully earthed with a 10-way 80A earthing bar fitted to the base in the rear of the cabinet.

Vital cable entry has been considered with a large aperture in the base for cabling coming from the raised floor or via brushed cable entry in the roof. Infill panels with cable apertures make it easier to route and manage the cables once in the cabinet, while cable trays fitted the rear of the cabinet allow better organisation. For easier and more efficient access to cabling coming from raised floors, EDP Europe offers a range of replacement brushed floor tiles that have separate, brushed opening for better cable segregation and airflow management.

This advanced data centre server cabinet is supplied in a powder coated white finish as standard (other colours are available on request) and have a space at the top of the rack for an identification label. The Data Centre Server Cabinet is compliant to the following standards: IEC 60297-3, EIA 310-D and BS 3192.

Features & Benefits

  • Cabinets are supplied fully assembled.
  • 36U or 42U High as standard, with other sizes available on request.
  • 2 Pairs of fully adjustable 19” mounting profiles.
  • Front & rear mesh doors 80% open area, supplied with swing handle & 3-point locking.
  • Doors are fully removable and can be hinged left or right.
  • Side panels removable supplied with internal latching.
  • All panels & doors fully earthed.
  • Large cable aperture in base.
  • Infill panels with cable aperture holes.
  • 2 x cable tray fitted at rear (1 per side).
  • Brushed cable entry in roof.
  • 10 way x 80A earth bar fitted in base at the rear.
  • Identification label 300mm x 35mm at the top of cabinet both sides.
  • Cabinet powder coated white, other colours available on request.
  • Conforms to the following standards: IEC 60297-3, EIA 310-D and BS 3192.


EDP Data Centre Server Cabinet Data Sheet
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