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HUBER+SUHNER Multi-Mode E2000 Pigtail utilises a high-performance E2000 connector with OM3 or OM4 fibre to provide a fibre pigtail that meets the highest standards of excellence.

HUBER+SUHNER Multi-Mode LSH BTW E2000 Pigtail

Multi-Mode pigtail with high-performance E2000 connector for OM4 fibres

HUBER+SUHNER’s Multi-Mode LSH BTW E2000 pigtail uses a high-performance E2000 connector that meets the highest standards of excellence in design and manufacturing processes.

The unique automatic full metal shutter protects the pin from pollution as well as increasing personal safety. With only high quality and high precision materials being used to guarantee connections at the highest level, HUBER+SUHNER E-2000 products meet the International Standards IEC 61754-15 and TIA 604-16 and are also naturally RoHS compliant.

Coloured fibre on the Multi-Mode E2000 pigtail indicates the fibre type, with Heather Violet for OM4. The E2000 connector has a full metal shutter that protects the end-face polishing that delivers the highest optical characteristics, as well as the connector providing the best thermal and mechanical characteristics too. Available in 2m lengths, with an E2000 Single Mode pigtail also available for UPC or APC fibre connections.

Multi-Mode pigtails are also available with LC connectors or SC Connectors.

Characteristics of LSH BTW E2000 Pigtail

  • Coloured housing indicate the fibre type resp. the end-face polishing.
  • Best thermal and mechanical characteristics.
  • Highest optical characteristics.
  • Highest safety with automatic full metal shutter.
  • Fulfils side load acc. to GR-326-CORE*.
  • Shortest rigid length => 28 mm.
  • Patented (US 8.931.963).
  • Available in 2m lengths.

* For SM bend optimised



Technical Data

Cable Diameter (Ø)0.9mm
Design acc. to IEC 61754-15 and TIA 604-16Compliant
Thermal & Mechanical Tests acc. to IEC 61753-1Fulfilled
Operating Temperature-40 to +85°C
DurabilityMin. 1000 mating cycles
MaterialFlame retardant acc. to UL 94 V-0
Halogen FreeYes
Chemical ResistanceGood
RoHS Guidelines 2011/65/EUCompliant


Optical Values

Measurement method (IL/RL)IL (dB)RL (dB)
SM UPCIL: IEC 61300-3-4 method B

RL: IEC 61300-3-6

≤ 0.25≥ 50
SM APC≥ 65 / ≥ 85
MM OM4IL: IEC 61300-3-34 method B

RL: IEC 61300-3-6

≤ 0.25≥ 35

Process control, random measurement method 3 (OLCR)

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
85108040Single Pigtail, E-2000, OM4, Ø0.9 mm, 2 m, yellow
8510804112 pigtails set, E-2000, OM4, Ø0.9 mm, 2 m, colours per TIA

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads