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The Fujikura CT52 and CT58 fibre cleavers expand the 50 series of Bluetooth® enabled fibre cleavers following the launch of the CT50. The Fujikura CT52 is designed to cleave silica fibre with a 125µm cladding diameter with the CT58 cleaving silica fibre with an 80µm cladding diameter.

Fujikura CT52 & CT58 Fibre Cleavers

Fujikura CT52 and CT58 Fibre Cleavers for single fibre cleaving

The Fujikura CT52 and CT58 fibre cleavers are designed for cleaving single silica optical fibres, and like the Fujikura CT50 fibre cleaver are both Bluetooth® enabled. Being Bluetooth® enabled they can be connected to smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled splicing equipment within the Fujikura range such as the Fujikura 90S+ fibre splicer, making it an ideal solution for customers looking to invest in a future-proof cleaving system.

The Fujikura CT52 fibre cleaver is designed for cleaving silica fibre with 125µm cladding diameter and offers short length cleaving to 3mm made possible by 900µm fibre coatings, whilst the fibre is clamped.

The Fujikura CT58 fibre cleaver cleaves silica fibres with a 80µm cladding diameter and coating diameters up to 400µm.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to work only with single silica optical fibres.
  • Short length cleaving available to 3mm.
  • Automatic cleaving blade rotation.
  • User replaceable fibre clamps and cleaving blade.
  • Wide lever opening angle allows easy fibre placement.



Applicable optical fibreSilica optical fibre
Fibre countSingle
Cladding diameter125µm80µm
Coating diameter150 to 900µm100 to 400µm
Cleaving lengthFibre holderRefer “Cleaver Selection” below
AD-505 to 20mm (coating dia. ≤250µm)
10 to 20mm (coating dia. >250µm)
AD-10-M245 to 24mm (coating dia. ≤250µm)
10 to 24mm (coating dia. >250µm)
Cleaving angle*1Typical 0.5 degress
Blade life60,000 fibres
(1,250 fibres x 3 heights x 16 positions)
Fibre scrap collectionInstalled
Wireless connectivity*2Wireless technical standard: Bluetooth® 4.1 LE
OS: Android 5.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above (iPhone6 above)
Power supplyAAA (LR03) dry battery: 2pc
Operation condition0 to 95% RH and 0 to 40°C (non-dew)
Storage condition0 to 95% RH and -40°C to 80°C (non-dew)
Resistance features*3Shock: 76cm (30”) all directions drop

Dust: Exposure to dust
(0.1 to 500µm dia. Alumina Silicate)

Rain: IPX2
(3mm/min, 2.5min on each of 4 surfaces tilted at 15°)


*1 The optical fibre type, the blade condition or the operating environment may affect the cleaving angle. Since the measuring device has been changed from an interference microscope to a fusion splicer, this specification value is now higher than that of the previous model (CT-30).
*2 The Bluetooth wireless connection of this product is not guaranteed to work with all smartphones or other devices.
*3 The shock resistance test does not guarantee the product will not be damaged under these conditions.
Bluetooth and Bluetooth logo is registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc

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