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The floor grate is the entity that delivers the air to the servers, but the effectiveness of traditional floor grilles and floor grates is questionable. With Today’s servers requiring more power and cooling, making the Data Centre more energy efficient is a major concern. Here we examine the difference between floor grates and the Triad floor grille.

Traditional Floor Grates vs. Triad Floor Grilles

With the floor grates providing the cold air to cool servers and other IT equipment, doing this effectively is a major way to improve energy efficiency. It is estimated that 50% of the Data Centre utility bill goes towards cooling, so making changes airflow management that results in raising CRAC unit set points can lead to cost savings being made.

For years the traditional Data Centre cooling systems have presented air to the cold aisle via floor grilles, floor grates or perforated tiles. However, these types of tiles caused short cycling where air flowed past the bottom of the tile. This lead to Data Centre managers adding more CRAC units, and lowering set points in order to cool the room. The cost of this inefficiency is the additional expenditure for CRAC units, and higher electricity bills. In a study on ‘Airflow in the Data Centre’, Dr Bob F. Sullivan and Kenneth G. Brill estimate that only 28% of the air in the raised floor system actually gets to the servers. This means 72% of the air is wasted and is only present to guide the other 28%. Data Centres are basically using air to divert air.

Triad floor grilles are different from traditional flat bottom floor grilles and floor grates; Triad floor grilles feature a unique Hi-Plume Stratification Fin which is scientifically designed to redirect and concentrate the available air to the servers, improving the efficiency of the cooling system.

Triad Airflow Compared to Traditional Grille

There are three distinct performance characteristics that Triad floor grilles have over traditional flat bottom floor grilles:

  1. The Triad floor grille is constructed in such a way that it ensures positive flow out of every part of the tile, no short cycling.
  2. The Triad floor grille diverts the air to the servers so that it can penetrate the boundary layer of heat on the front side of the cabinet or rack.
  3. The Triad floor grille is able to “stratify” the air to the top of the cold aisle.


By using Triad floor grilles you can drastically improve the efficiency of the CRAC unit, raising set points and lowering energy costs. Read a user’s testimonial on the Triad Floor grille

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Hi-Plume Stratification fin increases cooling capacity and lowers server temperatures by 5 to 15°F.
  • 4% Energy cost saving for each degree Fahrenheit raised in CRAC set points.
  • Delivers air to full height of the rack.
  • 600mm x 600mm heavy duty steel tile.
  • 65% Open design delivers 2-3 times more CFM.
  • TopSat leveler allows level to be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to allow a flush mount to the existing raised floor.
  • Load rating of 680Kg (1,500lbs).
  • Dual Lift-n-Lock integrated handles eliminate the need for suction cup lifters.
  • Optional dampers and baffles can be fitted.

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