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With energy costs soaring, and the demand on servers increasing, keeping them cool and running efficiently is becoming a major challenge to I.T. & Facility Managers. The answer until now has been to over cool the Data Centre, but with the introduction of Triad’s ICE™ Airflow Panel the Data Centre can be effectively cooled at much higher temperature set points. For every degree Fahrenheit that the set point is raised it equates to a 4% energy cost saving!

5 Degrees Fahrenheit Improved Cooling = 20% Energy Savings!

Triad Airflow Floor Panel

Provides passive energy efficient cooling

The Triad Airflow Floor Panel has a unique design that features a Hi-Plume Stratification Fin. This fin increases cooling capacity and lowers server temperatures by 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit. The fin, along with the special hole pattern, enables the Triad aiflow panel to redirect and concentrate available airflow into the front of the racks far better than standard flat bottom floor grilles, and also ensures that air is delivered to the full rack height.

Thermal Image of Traditional 56% Floor Grille Thermal Image of Triad Floor Grilles Installed

The thermal images above shows the same row of racks before and after the installation of Triad Floor Grilles. The first image shows the amount of heat radiating from the servers despite a full row of 56% open perforated tiles. In the second image the full row of 56% open perforated tiles have been replaced with just 3 Triad airflow panels, the results are drastic.

After just 2 minutes the cooling dispersion from 3 Triad airflow panels creates a 360° dispersion pattern and a balanced stratification level that reaches the top of the rack.

Why does this happen?

Standard flat bottom airflow panels have a major design flaw when used in an open plenum environment. If the air is moving too fast, air not only does not pass through the tile, it actually pulls air into the plenum causing it to mix with the conditioned air. In studies it has been found that only 28% of conditioned air gets to cool servers, the remaining 72% is wasted. As a result most Data Centres are using 2.6 times more cooling capacity than is necessary.

The Triad Airflow Panel is different

Triad Floor Grille Fin Triad Floor Grille Airflow Pattern

The Hi-Plume fin is scientifically designed to not only create positive airflow through every hole in the tile, but the curved shape also creates a dispersed pattern of airflow out of the top of the tile. The effect “bends” the air outwardly allowing it to flow into the servers and reach servers at the top of the racks. Read a user’s testimonial on the Triad Floor grille

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • 600mm x 600mm Airflow panel with TopSat leveler adjusters.
  • Level can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to allow a flush mount to the existing raised floor.
  • Hi-Plume Stratification Fin that increases cooling output.
  • Redirects and concentrates available airflow into the front of the racks.
  • Dual Lift-n-Lock integrated handles eliminate the need for suction cup lifters.
  • Optional dampers and baffles can be fitted for greater airflow control.

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PDF Downloads