Grow Your Data Centre With HUBER+SUHNER Advanced Fibre Optic Connectivity Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER’s advanced fibre optic connectivity solutions distributed by EDP Europe can help your Data Centre grow as data demands continue to increase.

With the growth of the Internet of Things and our thirst for consuming data, the demands being placed on Data Centres to process this information continues to accelerate. Some reports estimate that by 2025 around 463 exabytes (463 billion gigabytes) of data will be produced every day globally and will need to be processed by Data Centres.

With 5G networking only just being implemented in many places, giving us unprecedented transmission speeds of 40 to 1,100 Mbps it is hard to imagine that by 2030 (as some experts are predicting) 6G will deliver a new type of internet that will help create seamless connectivity between the internet and everyday life, with predicted speeds of up to 1TBps.

Making sure that the network connectivity you are installing today, not only meets the demands you face now, but has the flexibility to grow and adapt to the faster speeds predicted by these future developments in technology is vital for business continuity and growth.

How HUBER+SUHNER Fibre Optic Connectivity Solutions Can Help

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading manufacturer of fibre connectivity solutions that facilitate growth in today’s everchanging environment. Their connectivity solutions connect with the needs and challenges faced by customers by providing efficient and scalable fibre management systems that enable bandwidth expansion by increasing transmission reach and offering a higher path of redundancy.

HUBER+SUHNER connectivity solutions help save time through faster set-ups, easier access, and reduced maintenance needs. Their solutions help optimise space, mitigate risks, improve productivity, reduce costs, and importantly help future proof fibre connectivity to cope with future faster transmission rates.

From building entry-point through to server racks HUBER+SUHNER provide fibre optic connectivity solutions that will help your Data Centre grow.

HUBER+SUHNER Pre-terminated Fibre Optic Cables

HUBER-SUHNER Optipack cables provide greater flexibility with a wide choice of fibre counts and types (Single Mode or Multi Mode) to support multiple network topologies which can be upgraded for future needs. High-quality Optipack cables provide optimum performance and conform to the highest standards of CPR classifications, utilising best-in-class connectors including LC-XD, MTP, MTP Pro and VSFF all designed to support high-density patching. Pre-terminated cable assemblies constructed with Optipack cable are customisable with bespoke fan-out staggers that reduce macro-bends, improve continuity of performance and help mitigate risk. With the option of ultra-small cable diameters that provide better space utilisation, especially in High-Density applications.

HUBER+SUHNER LiSA Cable Distribution Racks are advanced Optical Distribution Frames that are the ideal solution for cross-connect applications and end user demarcation in Meet Me Rooms (MMR) or Main Distribution Areas (MDA). With a shallow depth of just 300mm their small footprint saves on revenue generating space, lowering footprint costs, and reducing OPEX. They can manage a variety of multiple fibre optic cable options even within the same CDR including Loose Tube, Micro-core, MTP, Patch/Patch, Pre-terms and Ribbon. Their modular design enables easy scalability of cable solutions and with CDRs being fully accessible from the front of the rack, management and routing of cables is quick and easy. Retractable, hinged trays with side access ports reduce risk and when optimised using LC-XD patch cords provides trouble-free patching operations and MACs.

HUBER+SUHNER Cable Distribution Racks provide high density fibre cable management
HUBER+SUHNER IANOS advanced in-rack fibre optic cable management system

For fibre optic cable management within 19” cabinets the HUBER+SUHNER IANOS system provides fast, flexible and modular management of various fibre types and formats through the use of interchangeable modules. IANOS provides ease of access, rapid deployment, easier MACs and reduces downtime and OPEX. Supporting splice, patch, transition, ribbon, MTP, TAP, WDM and splitter module options along with integrated patch cord management and labelling, IANOS supports a future proof migration path for higher data rates from 10G to 400G and beyond.

If your Data Centre wants to be ready for future faster data transmission rates, putting in the network infrastructure today that can be scaled up as demands increase will help future proof your business. Contact us to find out how these solutions and others offered by EDP Europe can help your future proof your Data Centre.

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