EDGE 5 – Air Conditioned Server Rack – EDGE Computing

EDGE 5 – Air Conditioned Server Rack – EDGE Computing

EDGE 5 Air Conditioned Server Rack

EDGE Computing in a Micro Data Centre

The EDGE 5 Air Conditioned Sever Rack provides Edge Computing within a single server rack; a self-contained Micro Data Centre.

Product Description

EDGE 5 Micro Data Centre

Edge computing from an air conditioned server rack

EDGE 5 Micro Data Centre is an air conditioned server rack that facilitates edge computing.

In this digital age with more devices connecting to the internet, sending and receiving data, there is now a strain on bandwidth that could have potential issues for businesses.

For some companies the option of having their own in-house data centre isn’t possible. However, with the introduction of the EDGE 5 Air Conditioned Server Rack, this can now become a reality.

The EDGE 5 is a Micro Data Centre all in one rack, enabling localised computing to take place. The rack is cooled via a side mounted air conditioning unit that ducts cold air to the front of the rack to cool the stored IT equipment. Hot Exhaust air is returned to the side mounted air conditioning unit.

This method enables localised housing of equipment in various areas including offices, warehouses and factories.

EDGE 5 is capable of cooling up to 2.5Kw, and will maintain the required internal cabinet temperature even when sited in a room ambient of 35°C/95°F.

EDGE 5 is an 800mm wide by 120mm deep server rack, available in two rack heights 36U or 42U. And has a static load capacity of 1500Kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti air-recirculation kit – Save energy and maintain hardware performance
  • EDGE Management System (EMS) – Providing real time environmental monitoring
  • Cable Tray – Ensure best cabling practice
  • Cooling capacity – From 500w to 2.5kW per cabinet
  • Cable management fingers with hinged cable cover – Ideal for tidy and protected cabling
  • Plinth corners, heavy duty castors and levelling feet – For safe rapid deployment
  • Static Weight Loading 1500 Kg; Dynamic Weight Loading 750Kg
  • LCD Display – Displaying alarm state and major monitoring points
  • Cable Entry Glands – Allows for easy and flexible cable egress through the rack top
  • Clear Glass Door – Keep an eye on equipment without the need to open the door
  • Air Conditioning Unit – Slim-line and minimal maintenance
  • Plinth Panels – For that finishing touch
  • Swing handle and four point locking Providing high security – electronic upgrade is also available


  • 800mm wide x 1200mm deep
  • Two Heights: 36U and 42U
  • Maximum static load capacity on plinth & adjustable feet – 3307lbs/1500kg
  • Dynamic load: 1654lbs/750kg
  • Frame – 1.5mm CR4 steel
  • Glass door – 1.0mm, 1.2 & 2.0mm CR4 steel / 4mm clear toughened glass
  • Side panels and Top cover – 1.2mm CR4 steel
  • Mounting angles – 2.0mm CR4 steel
  • Cooling – 2.5kW slimline air conditioning unit
  • Intelligence – Edge Management System
  • Semi gloss powder coat – Light grey RAL 7035


EDGE 5 Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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