UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet

UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet

UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3

Soundproof Server Cabinet

The UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet is the latest development of the UCoustic soundproof server cabinet range, giving greater noise reduction, improved flexibility on heat load removal and M2M intelligence connection and control. The UCoustic 9210i /EDGE 3 provides a rapid deployment Micro Data Centre that takes up less than a square metre footprint. Available in Passive and Active versions in three heights 12U, 24U and 42U.

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Product Description

Overview of the UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet

The UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 Soundproof Server Cabinet provides an ideal solution for housing IT equipment in a working environment such as an office, reception, hallway etc. where the noise would normally be unacceptable. The UCoustic 9210i / EDGE 3 removes up to 31dBA (99.9%) of IT noise and can remove up to 12kW of heat load from a 42U cabinet.

M2M Intelligence comes as standard; with its built-in sensors and management software data the UCoustic 9210i /  EDGE 3 can be remotely accessed from multiple devices to provide real time status, alarms and alerts. As well as providing environmental monitoring the UCoustic 9210i has the option of a security upgrade to provide a security monitoring aspect enabling alerts, and camera recordings when the cabinet is accessed.

As well as this soundproof server cabinet having the best in class soundproofing the UCoustic 9210i enables up to 12kW of heat removal from its Active 42U cabinets. The new ducting kit enables the heat that would normally be expelled from the rear of the cabinet to be directed into another room or to the outside. This facility enables the expelled heat to be used to heat other rooms or spaces.

The UCoustic 9210i is available in Passive Units that will remove up to 2.75kW or Active Units that remove up to 12kW. Each type is available in three sizes 12U, 24U or 42U, with an executive cabinet version available that is finished in real wood making it an ideal option for boardrooms or offices. IP54 options and other accessories are also available.

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Features & Benefits

  • UCoustic Edge 9210i soundproof server cabinets are available in active or passive configurations.
    • Active Units – Active server cabinets have two EC fans one in each rear door, which are controlled and variable speed and are designed to deal with higher heat loads up to 12kW. Each fan controller also has a temperature sensor.
    • Passive Units – Passive soundproof server cabinets use the IT equipment’s fans to draw ambient air from the front of the rack into the cabinet.
  • Available in three heights 12U, 24U and 42U; all are 780mm wide and 1100mm deep.
  • A 200mm extra depth server extension kit is available to enable the storage of deeper equipment.
  • Cabinets are fitted with wardrobe style front and rear doors.
  • Built in environmental monitoring system accessed via an integral graphical user interface.
  • Fully adjustable 19” mounting angles.
  • Six soundproofed cable entries via removal gland plates, three at the top and three at the bottom.
  • Load bearing castors.
  • All doors and panels are easily removed for easier access to maintain IT equipment.
  • Cabinets finished in USpace Black with Montana Blue highlights. Optional wood finishes are also available.


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