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The Slim-Line Lite battery server lift from EDP Europe is a lightweight server lift that offers outstanding manoeuvrability, intuitive control and stylish appearance, whilst still offering lift capacities of up to 90Kg (depending on the model).

Introducing EDP’s lightweight Battery Server Lift – Slim-Line Lite

EDP Europe introduces its latest line of battery operated server lifts Slim-Line Lite. Slim-Line Lite offer excellent manoeuvrability, have an intuitive control unit and stylish appearance. The mast is manufactured from anodised aluminium with steel carriage and precision ball bearings. Each Slim-Line Lite is fitted with a strong energy-efficient 24V DC motor and are driven by steel reinforced cam belts that require no special maintenance.

The Slim-Line Lite is easy to use thanks to its state-of-the-art fingertip control unit which enables smooth operation from either side of the lift. Safety is a major concern so all moving parts are shielded, the lifters also have overload protection and a security clutch. The lift speed is quick at 125mm per second. Six models are available with lift capacities of 70Kg or 90Kg. There is also a choice of leg frames to suit the required use of the lifter.

Also available in EDP Europe’s range of Battery Server lifters is the Slim-Line HD series and the original ‘classic’ EDP battery server lifter.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Low self weight – manufactured from anodised aluminium mast and steel carriage with precision ball bearings.
  • Fast lifting time of 125mm/second.
  • Easy to use control unit with state-of-the-art, fingertip control switchgear.
  • All moving parts are shielded for increased safety, with overload protection and security clutch.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and near silent operation.
    400mm Load centre.
  • Host of accessories to adapt the server lifter for other lifting purposes.
  • Slim-Line Lite range lifts up to 90Kg depending on model.

Leg Options

Leg Frame Options

Angled Leg Frame

Slim-Line Lite Angled Leg FrameThe unique design gives you free foot space, optimum stability and absolutely the best manoeuvrability.
Available for all models. Standard legs for 49-SL-70, 49-SL-70EM, 49-SL-90 and 49-SL-90EM.
Box Leg Frame

Slim-Line Lite Box Leg FrameAllows forks to go all the way down to the floor, used to lift plastic boxes etc.
Available for all models.
Straight Leg Frame

Slim-Line Lite Straight Leg FrameThe narrow legs give the lift trolley access to run in under the pallets and chassis. Used where boxes or other goods must be lifted directly from pallets.
Available for 49-SL-70S, 49-SL-70, 49-SL-90S and 49-SL-90.
Sack Truck Leg Frame

Slim-Line Lite Sack Truck Leg FrameThe large wheels mean that it is no problem to pull the lift trolley over thresholds and edges, and also help to protect fragile loads (rear wheels without brakes).
Available for 49-SL-70S, 49-SL-70, 49-SL-90S and 49-SL-90. Standard legs for 49-SL-70S and 49-SL-90S.

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part NumberCapacityLowered HeightRaised HeightPlatform (W x D)Unit Weight
49-SL-70S70Kg112mm1062mm (23U)400mm x 450mm27Kg
49-SL-7070Kg112mm1357mm (30U)400mm x 450mm28Kg
49-SL-70EM70Kg112mm1757mm (39U)400mm x 450mm30Kg
49-SL-90S90Kg112mm1062mm (23U)400mm x 450mm27Kg
49-SL-9090Kg112mm1357mm (30U)400mm x 450mm28Kg
49-SL-90EM90Kg112mm1757mm (39U)400mm x 450mm30Kg

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