EDP Europe Now Provides 19” Rack Security From TZ

EDP Europe Now Provides 19” Rack Security From TZ

EDP Europe is delighted to announce its appointment as a distribution partner for the TZ Centurion™ rack access control system

The TZ Centurion™ is a cost effective, retrofitable and easy to implement rack security solution, with the TZ SlideHandle™ being a replacement for most legacy data centre cabinet handles. The TZ Centurion™ uses a unique Intelligent Locking Engine powered by Shape Memory Alloy that doesn’t generate any Electro Magnetic Field. The system can be accessed at rack level via proximity card, is compatible with existing entry card systems that use a Wiegand data stream, and provides the ability with the added flexibility of also being able to trigger the locks remotely.  On top of securing the cabinets, the TZ Centurion™ system also provides a full audit trail of authorised and unauthorised attempts at opening the rack doors, as well as having the option to incorporate environmental monitoring.

“In an age in which data security is of utmost importance, it is staggering to see the amount of racks that aren’t secure – with zero traceability of who has accessed them,” says Colin Parker, Marketing Manager for EDP Europe.  “The TZ Centurion system completely solves this problem and we’re very excited to have added it to our product portfolio.”

“We’re delighted to have EDP Europe as a distribution partner,” says Chris Ciniglio, EMEA Sales Executive. “Their wealth of knowledge in the data centre environment makes them the obvious choice to help us expand our market reach”.

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