MTP Connectivity Helps Optimise & Grow Data Centre Fibre Connectivity

HUBER+SUHNER MTP connectivity solutions help future proof your Data Centre to ever growing data demands

With ever increasing demands being placed on Data Centres to process more data at ever-accelerating transmission speeds, ensuring that your fibre connectivity can, not only cope with demands placed on it today, but can scale to meet future requirements is vital for business continuity and growth.

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading manufacturer of MTP connectivity solutions that provide greater flexibility and scalability allowing your fibre network infrastructure to adapt as the demands placed on it change.

MTP or Multi-fibre Termination Push-on is a brand of MPO (Multi-fibre Push-on) connector manufactured by US Conec. MTP connectors conform to MPO standards and engineered to high mechanical and optical standards. Developed to provide increased fibre density within a single connection, MTP connectors typically have 12 or 24 fibres in their MT ferrule.

Given this high fibre count and the small size of the connection, MTP assemblies are used in backbone, cross-connect and breakout applications.

Major benefits of MTP are its modularity, high-density and ability to support high bandwidth network requirements driven by parallel optics applications. This helps manage Day 1 needs while offering a seamless upgrade path to faster & higher bandwidth applications that will be required for future fibre connectivity.

With MTP cables containing multiple fibres, they also reduce the number of cables that need to be run in raised floor plenums or within cable ducts, reducing cable congestion and installation time. MTP cable systems are also pre-terminated in the factory, which removes the need for any on-site splicing. As a result, this helps deliver better reliability, provides a true ‘plug and play’ solution and results in fast and efficient deployment in the field.

HUBER+SUHNER MTP Connectivity Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER Pre-Terminated Trunk Cables

HUBER+SUHNER produce Base-12 trunk cables containing up to 144 fibre cables. Built with HUBER+SUHNER’s Optipack cable, they offer high-performance, faster deployment and quicker installation. Designed for high-density applications, they provide a space-optimised cable system thanks to ultra-small cable diameters that optimises space better in cable routing channels, increasing capacity.

MTP Optipack cable systems are available in Single Mode OS2 or Multi Mode OM4 fibre types to support multiple network topologies which can be upgraded for future needs to provide greater flexibility. They are also fully compliant to the highest standards of the UK/EU Construction Products Regulations (CPR) classification providing greater safety and confidence. They are also fully customisable so fan-outs can be staggered for easier management, and if desired you could utilise HUBER+SUHNER’s 288 fibre breakout cable with 12 x Base-24 MTP connectors for the ultimate in connectivity future-proofing.

Optipack cable systems also include MTP conversion cables, MTP to LC-D transition cables and LC-D to LC-D harnesses.

HUBER+SUHNER also provide MTP fibre cables that utilise the MTP Pro connector. MTP Pro is the next generation MTP connector that enables quick and effective polarity and gender reconfiguration in the field; lowering expenditure by reducing the number of cables needed to be kept on hand. The MTP Pro connector is designed to reduce the risk of damage to ferrules with a longer insertion and extraction sleeve that relieves strain on the cable, making connector mating much easier and safer.

MTP Pro Connector for greater flexibility

MTP Connectivity Solutions Available From Stock

When it comes to managing connections HUBER+SUHNER IANOS provides the ideal solution.

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Advanced Fibre Management Solution

IANOS is a modular and scalable 19” rack-mountable fibre connectivity solution that offers fast, flexible, and future-proofed connectivity management within the Data Centre.

IANOS is designed to support high-density connectivity applications supporting requirements from 10G to 40G & 100G+. Each 1U can support the patching of 72 LC-D or MTP ports. Its modular design enables cassettes to be installed into pull-out trays that support patching, splicing, transition, splitting, ribbon and MTP modules all within the same 1U or 4U chassis. IANOS supports all base types and can be used with Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 backbone types.

The design of the IANOS chassis delivers improved handling with each side of the panel having individual trays that can be slid out reducing cord disruption. With integrated cord management, and labelling Moves, Adds and Changes have never been easier!

To find out more about how EDP Europe can assist you with future-proofing your fibre connectivity using HUBER+SUHNER MTP systems please contact us.

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