IDC Solutions Appoint EDP Europe to Distribute Eziblank® In Europe

IDC Solutions Appoint EDP Europe to Distribute Eziblank® In Europe

IDC Solutions, a global leader in developing and implementing data, cabling and electrical service solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of EDP Europe Limited to distribute its Eziblank® airflow management solutions across Europe.

Eziblank® is supplied in 6U sheets, which can be snapped at 1U intervals, its tool-less design enables users to rapidly blank off any amount of unused rack space.

Blanking off unused rack space in 19” racks is one of the proven measures for improving data centre cooling efficiency and driving cost savings.  Eziblank® is a cost effective way of contributing to improved PUE by preventing unwanted air recirculation within 19” racks.  Eziblank® keeps hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of IT equipment, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the data centre.

Eddy Abboud, General Manager of IDC Solutions said “With the number of data centres in the UK and across mainland Europe, finding someone to market our product has been vital to our continuing growth”, he continued “With EDP’s vast knowledge of solving data centre cooling issues, it quickly became clear to us that EDP Europe were the company that we needed to be working with”.  In response Colin Parker, Marketing Manager at EDP Europe stated “We’re delighted to be working with IDC Solutions.  The Eziblank range of products is fantastic, and provides a quick and easy way to improve data centre cooling.” He added, “the innovative clip-in design and ABS construction of Eziblank ensures the product can be installed quickly, remains rigid and effectively blanks off unused rack space.”

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About EDP Europe:

EDP Europe is a leading provider of Data Centre Infrastructure Products, Media Storage and Labelling solutions.  For over 20 years, EDP Europe has provided high performance products from leading worldwide manufacturers, and has a proven track record in providing excellent customer support, in-house technical expertise and superior logistics across EMEA.

For more information please call on +44(0)1245 322380 or email us on [email protected].


About IDC Solutions:

IDC Solutions is an elite group at the forefront of Data Centre power monitoring and air flow control innovation.  Our range of easy to install products offered worldwide through our channel distribution partners designed to deliver cooling efficiencies and power cost reduction:

The Eziflute ™ panel control the flow of air under floor, supplied as single sheets ready to install direct to the raised floor framework. Ingenious self-locking tabs and clever folds, allow these panels to be installed in minutes.  These panels offer a simple low cost approach to lower your PUE and compliment Data Centre Cooling Efficiency strategies.

The Eziblank42 ™ panels allow you to block full height racks in containment aisles, right where you need them. Simple design folds ensure that Eziblank42 ™ panels are quickly installed and removed as required.

The EziblankWall™ product is a pre build wall to replace racks and to maximise air flow efficiencies. Replacement panels are assembled in minutes, creating a stable rack sized air flow barrier that can be positioned anywhere and re-used again and again.

The Ezibrush™ product is a 1 U panel keep hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment. These panels have a brush strip overhanging the 1U size by an extra 5mm allowing simple management of air gaps when placed alongside other equipment.

Please contact EDP Europe for sales enquiry in Europe or visit our website on  to access additional information.

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