CPR Compliance affects all installation cables including network cabling

Last year CPR compliance regulations were introduced, that brought with them major changes to the to the fire rating requirements for all cables used in permanent installations within buildings, including network cabling. Due to the construction of data network cables, and the way they are routed, fire can rapidly spread through a building.

CPR Fire Test Categories

On the 30th November 2017 BSI published an amendment to BS6701, which was aimed at clarifying the Construction Product Regulations (CPR) within the network cabling industry. From 1st July 2017 no network cable could be placed on the market for permanent installation inside buildings that did not comply with CPR 305/2011 Euroclass classifications highlighted in the above image.

However, network cables marked LSOH/LSZH purchased and delivered prior to 1st July 2017, i.e. already on the market can still be installed.

The vivid image above, details the fire test categories set out within the Euroclass classifications. It clearly shows the differences between the classifications and highlights why BS6701:2016+A1:2017 advises that all network cabling used in new installations or for the refurbishment or extension of existing data cable networks within the external fire barrier of a building shall, as a minimum meet the CPR compliance requirements of Euroclass Cca s1b d2 a2.

As well as showing the flammability of the network cable, the CPR compliance designator also indicates three further sub-categories, with the lower number being the most demanding:

  • Smoke production (classified as s1 to s3).
  • Flaming droplets (d0 to d2).
  • Acidity (a1 to a3).

As a result, all manufacturers are now obliged to provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) upon request, along with test results from an authorised test house, to prove that all the network cables they manufacture meet the minimum CPR compliance this standard advises.

Hubbell Premise Wiring, distributed by EDP Europe throughout the UK, is leading the way and setting the standard for compliant CPR network cabling, and manufactures fully compliant CPR network cable, with their Cat6 U/UTP and Cat6A F/FTP exceeding the BS6701:2016+A1:2017 standard. Both of these industry leading performance cables will be available from stock at EDP Europe during May 2018, along with the appropriate DoP’s and test results from BASEC.

Should your network require Cat7 cable, Hubbell Premise Wiring also manufacture this with a B2ca s1a d0 a1 Euroclass classification.

Cat6 U/UTP Features:

  • Euroclass B2ca-s1a-d2-a1.
  • Sweep tested from 1-350Mhz.
  • Category 6 and Class E component compliant.
  • 24AWG solid bare copper with PE insulation and FRLSZH jacket.
  • Round cable design with standard bend radius termination.
  • Download data sheet.

Cat6A F/FTP Features

  • Euroclass Cca-s1a-d2-a1.
  • Sweep tested from 1-650Mhz.
  • Category 6A and Class EA component compliant.
  • 23AWG solid bare copper with FOAM PE insulation and LSZH jacket.
  • Unique design to suppress alien crosstalk.
  • Download data sheet.

If you are interested in learning more about CPR and how it will affect your network infrastructure EDP Europe, in association with Hubbell Premise Wiring, can provide you with education seminars around CPR. To register interest please complete the form below.

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